Burrowing under cinder blocks


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Jul 21, 2014
Hi all!

My 3 y.o. Sulcata recently dug his first burrow. Proud mom moment! However, his current enclosure utilizes cinder blocks as the walls- I found its easy to adjust and make bigger for his blooming size, as well as the fact that I am currently not in my forever home- which when I do buy a bigger property in a couple years I can make him a permanent, more appealing outdoor enclosure.
My only concern is that hes digging directly under the cinder blocks- I am worried that one day the ground will give out and the cinder blocks will collapse on him. For now I put a piece of plywood underneath the cinder blocks, which extends beyond his enclosure onto solid ground incase the corners he's digging under give out. I would, however, love any advice as to how to make the setup more solid to avoid the aforementioned scenario.
I would love to give him the freedom to burrow, as we are experiencing a very hot South Florida summer and just by reaching in his burrow is drastically cooler than the shaded, above ground portions of his home. I am not too worried about him escaping as he is digging towards a concrete walkway, and I am taking preventative measures and adding underground chicken wire as we speak. Photos are attached below.

Thank you!


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Leave the burrow hole right where it is, but back the cinder blocks up a foot or two away from the hole. You can then lay some plywood on the bricks to shade the burrow entrance.

Don't use chicken wire in a tortoise's burrow. He will shred his legs on that.