1. feralbookeater

    Any sulcata keepers in KS?

    TLDR; how much clearance should a fence for a sulcata have? How do you keep them warm in the winter? Has anyone here dug a pit like enclosure? Anyone from KS here? Any reputable rescues for Sulcatas? Hello! Looooooongtime lurker, first time poster. My husband and I live on a farm in eastern KS...
  2. Liza_1270

    Red / orange spot on sulcata tortoise head

    Hi, I just noticed two red orangey spots on my tortoise's head, they're on the both side of the head, near the ears... I tried to (gently) scrap the spots but nothing came off... she's eating well and doesn't seem bothered by it. Is it normal?
  3. goldjackhammer

    My enclosure setup + Pyramiding

    Hello! I'm raising two 7 month olds and a 4 month old. Thank you for all the information. I wish I had known this website earlier. Can you guys give me some feedback on my setup? and I have a few questions. After reading Tom's sticky thread, I extended my humidifier into their enclosure. I...
  4. A

    am I overreacting?

    Hi there, new to this forum. I’m home for winter break. Last winter, I talked at length to my dad about how sulcata tortoises can’t handle below 60 deg F. They are in Miami so the winters don’t get extreme, but it can get below 60. While we were out tonight, I realized my parents left their...
  5. Moreentje

    Nee “baby” Sulcata age estimate?

    Hi, we got a “baby” Sulcata on November 25th. I weighed her/him and it was 130 grams and 9 cm. I read online that he/she may already be 10 months old. I have no idea how old this Sulcata is. The pet store owner did not know for sure either… Would be great to know how old she he is...
  6. N

    Advice please for new Sulcata rescues.

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate any suggestions and insights. I run a animal rescue, primarily dogs and farm animals. We occasionally take in reptiles, though I am no expert. Our policy with reptiles is that we reach out to other reputable exotic rescues and if we take them in, they go straight...
  7. R

    Bump on my baby Sulctata's nose?

    I've noticed a strange bump on the tip of her nose. I'm not sure if that's just her face or if I should be worried about some kind of infection? Please share your thoughts
  8. Celiagg

    Sulcata age??

    Hello! My sulcata Sheldon weighs only 3.1 oz and about 3.5 inches. When we Bought him the seller had no idea how old they were he only knew they were just born. Does anyone know how old he might be based on his weight and length? Thank You
  9. Demetri

    Large female Sulcata For sale/rehome. *mod approved*

    Sadly we have to rehome/sell our daughters Sulcata. So I wanted to post here to find the best home. We live in Southern California. Shes a little over 5. We’ve had her since she was a baby. She has been taken care of really well. She Is a nice size. About sixteen to seventeen inches. She has...
  10. Stretchy Sheldon

    Stretchy Sheldon

    Just stretching while I soak..
  11. M

    Round top tortoise

    Hi im new here. I just got a sulcata baby about three weeks ago. When picking the breeder showed me a few to choose from. I picked the roundest one. Now just for my wanting to know, why are some hatchlings more round on top vs flatter tortoises. Im not talking about the scutes or pyramids. I...
  12. ButtonSulcata

    Overgrown bottom beak?

    My tortoise looks like his bottom beak is overgrown and i am assuming it’s caused by Lack of calcium And I have a plan to fix that. But does his beak look bad enough that it needs to be trimmed immediately or is there other ways to fix this issue overtime without causing him harm? He’s two years...
  13. Richardidn

    Pink Cassia/Pink Shower, is it safe for sulcata ?

    Hello, i recently moved (work related) and it happens that i bring my family (sulcata included) theres this big tree in front of our housing i identified it as Pink Cassia. Does anyone know/have experience with their sulcata eating Pink Cassia flower? Its all over the place, but my sulcata...
  14. K

    Sulcata Damage on Plastron

    Hello, Just noticed a pink line on my Sulcata’s plastron line. What can this be and is there any treatment for it? Thank you
  15. Abby7

    African Sulcata Tortoise Hibernating?

    My parents have had a tortoise for 13 years now. We've always thought that she was an African Sulcata but I recently came across some information saying that sulcatas do not hibernate/brumate, but she has been doing so every year during the winter months. We have always brought her indoors when...
  16. J

    Radiated tortoise wanted

    Any one sell radiated tortoise in Ca?
  17. JRB77

    Moving my 2 year old tortoises

    Hello! I have 2 beautiful and healthy sulcata tortoises that I’ve acquired from Phx AZ. 2 years old. I’m moving to Charleston, SC next month and hope it’s ok to take them with me! Is this ok? I want the best for them and hope that they will be ok to make the transition with me. Any words of...
  18. M

    Our Baby Tortoise Died

    My 12-year-old has had a baby Sulcata Tortoise since June 25th. We always refer “him” even though we don’t really know. He was a hatchling when we got him. We live in western Kansas and I should have considered our limited vet care more closely. We thought his neck started shedding a couple of...
  19. A

    Normal Shell Growth Sulcata

    Hi all, I just recently rescued a sulcata he’s about 45lbs. I’m in south Florida. First time with a tortoise and I’ve read about growth lines being white, but this guys look pink. Is this normal looking? Posting some pics over the last few weeks. Thank you!