1. J

    A/C unit for a night box?

    I have a 5yr old sulcata in phoenix who doesn’t seem to want to burrow. She has a shaded soaking area, trees, bushes, covered patio, and a “burrow” I made for her. I also have tried to start a burrow for her to take over in two separate locations with no luck. We made her a night box similar to...
  2. J

    Brown sulcata tortoise urine?

    What could be going on with my sulcata? I think he peed brown in the bath earlier. I know dandelions can cause this but for the most part is only eating dandelion leaves. His diet consists of grass, a lot of clover, dandelion leaves, lettuce, and occasionally tortoise diet. We spray his cage...
  3. T

    Sulcata Scutes/Suture Concerns

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and joined the forum to help my aunt find some answers about concerns she has for her 4 year old sulcata. Her tortoise has recently developed some new spacing and texturing along the sutures of her shell. She has sent along some photos that I'll post below. The...
  4. JoshuaL

    Where can I adopt a sulcata in Michigan?

    Hello I’m from Michigan and I have recently bought the stuff needed for a hatchling sulcata but I’m not sure where I can get one close to me near Ann Arbor Michigan someone let me know if there are any reputable sources around. Thank you
  5. P

    Gritty urates… for a while now

    Hi! I’m a first time tortoise mom to a 2-month old sulcata and for 3 weeks now it has passed gritty urates! I don’t understand why, I’ve been soaking it every single day, sprayed water on its food. I feed it romaine lettuce to just get hydration. His/her diet is a high fiber pellet, previously...
  6. B

    Sulcata hatchling odd behaviour

    Hi guys! I noticed something odd in my sulcata hatchling (4 months old). These past two weeks, I have been living in my parent's house due to an urgent situation. I bought a smaller closed chamber for my hatchling while we stayed here. I usually feed him greens and pellets. However, I noticed...
  7. Kr1st1n

    "Poop! There it is!": My Sulcata 'Rocks' Out with a 'Fowl' Diet...

    Hi, Today was a nice warm day here in Tucson, AZ (actually quite hot), and so I decided to take Fergus (sulcata) outside during my lunch break (I WFH). He has finally reached 8.5" so I'm not as worried about loosing him to a ground squirrel's burrow hole or my resident rock squirrel's burrow in...
  8. E

    Injured Sulcata leg

    Hi there. Just noticed my tortoise not walking on his right foot correctly. We have a vet appointment for Wednesday but I can’t seem to find the injury. Any thoughts?
  9. L

    Baby Tortoise Won't Eat Grass

    Hello! My nearly 1 year old Desert Sulcata tortoise won't eat any grass. He's always been this way, he only wants greens (kale, romaine, collards, etc) with the occasional tomato or bit of strawberry as a treat. I know he should have a mostly grass based diet but he refuses to touch it. I've...
  10. C

    Is my Tortoise Fat/Overweight

    Is my tortoise eating too much, I've been feeding him every other day four times a week with pellets mixed with hibiscus leaves and flower is it gaining too much weight
  11. WaterBear

    Outdoor Sulcata Enclosure in N Florida

    Hi! After searching and reading, I'm hoping to get some specific advice. Any input would be greatly appreciated. My son has a 4 year old Sulcata that has gotten way too big for his indoor home. Now that it's warming up again, we want to get him settled outside. We are in north Florida, just...
  12. C

    Damaged Sulcata shell, missing scutes/burns

    I adopted my sulcata tortoise a couple weeks ago. His previous family was unable to keep him any longer. Oogway is doing great, eating, pooping everything fine. But his shell has old damage that I'd like to discuss. I was told that he has old thermal burns. And that part of his history is...
  13. █▬█ █ █▄█ ☻

    My Sulcata seems to be liquid inside its neck?

    I recently welcomed a Sulcata into my home for a few days, and I've observed an unexpected change: his neck appears to be larger than usual. I'm reaching out to inquire if anyone might have insights into the cause of this. Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. megnlong

    Help, possible incorrect husbandry!

    Hello I have an almost 2 year old male sulcata tortoise. I got him when he was 8 months old and he was absolutely perfect. As he’s grown I’ve noticed his shell getting much darker and some mild pyramiding so I know I’m doing something wrong and I’d like to stop this in it’s tracks so he can live...
  15. H

    New Sulcata hatchling owner… is this normal

    Hello! Recently purchased a Sulcata hatchling (?) I can’t tell how old it is. Based on weight and length I’m assuming around 2 months old. I have some concerns about its face though. When we purchased it. It looked very dry and the substrate provided wasn’t ideal. We have improved its tank...
  16. Kr1st1n

    Pink lines on plastron scute seams

    Hi, I just noticed that Fergus, my sultata, has this pink lines along the seams of his plastron scutes. I don’t know if they’ve always been there and I only for some reason just now noticed them, or if it’s something new (I really think I would’ve noticed though). His behavior is normal, eating...
  17. P

    fungal infection/ separating / lifting of the scute

    i don’t know what’s happening but he was sitting on a cucumber and now his shell is separating from the other scute. has anyone else had this happen? should i make an appointment?
  18. Mulgore

    Tears in greenhouse kit

    Hello friends there are tears in my boys greenhouse kit i was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to plug it up i tried duct tape but it didnt seem to work the enclosure is 8x4 so if someone has a better greenhouse kit too i would love some links thanks!
  19. B

    Baby sulcata hard urates despite daily soak (bladder stone)?

    Hi! My baby sulcata (2 months old) just passes a hard urates that is quite big considering the sulcata size. I have him for a month, and lately I feel like he has been thriving (bigger apetite, more active, pooping more 😂) I've soak him daily, every morning for 15-30minutes (sometimes twice a...
  20. K

    Worried about my Sulcata

    Hey, Im a new reptile owner and bought a Sulcata from a market here in Thailand back in June, when i got him he was 38g he quickly (1 month) gained weight up to around 54g and now we are in february, aka 9 months later and he is hovering around 53g - he peaked at 58g but been settling around...