1. H20.jpeg


    8 months growth on Herbie. August 20th,2020 and April 15th,2021
  2. C

    Is this pyramidying?

    Do you guys think my tort is starting to pyramid? I soak everyday minimum of 30 minutes under the sun, humidity is kept at 85-90%, diet consist mainly of grass except on the weekend when we give mauri, malburry and romaine lettuce. The raised part seems to be only on the top of the shell as the...
  3. L

    Does anyone know what this is

    I found this in my lawn not sure what it is but want to know if it's safe to feed my sulcata
  4. P

    What is the appeal towards cat food??

    Hi all, I know for a fact that cat food is one heck of a big no no for herbivores, let alone slow growing tortoises... So why is it that they always seem so set on trying to eat it? I often let my Sulcata out of his tortoise table to have a walk around the house, and one of the first things I...
  5. H17.jpeg


    When you party a little bit too hard and you almost made it home but you passed out by your entrance doors.
  6. Danny_408

    Sulcata help- How is this enclosure for a baby sulcata tortoise?

    Hey everyone, this is my first sulcata tortoise it’s only 7months and I was wondering how is this enclosure for the tort the temperature stays around 75 degrees almost all day.
  7. D

    Help! Are these ridges on a baby Sulcata Normal?

    Hi guys. I just got my lil guy back in January. He’s 4 months old now. I was checking out his shell the other day and noticed little ridges between the scutes. Very small and I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid, and these were always here, or if it’s getting worse. Some opinions would be greatly...
  8. S

    Should I turn off the heat lamp and the UVB lamp during the day?

    My tortoise’s enclosure is right by the window and she gets direct sunlight throughout the day. Should I turn off the heat lamp and UVB lamp during the day? She also has another heat lamp that doesn’t have the light, just the heat. I’m thinking of leaving that on and turning off the other one...
  9. AgataP

    Outdoor living space for Herbie.

    Spring is here and I absolutely love seeing Herbie outside enjoying his tortoise travels and eating his treats while enjoying the sun. Since he is way to small to let him be in the grass I have decided to build an outdoor box where he can be safe, have some roaming space and has no way to dig...
  10. H15.png


    I can't get enough of this cute face. I have to share :)
  11. J

    Sulcata Help - Is he okay?

    I posted a few weeks ago about how to bathe a large sulcata (though I was informed 40lbs isn't large) for the first time. I had taken my sulcata to the vet for what sounded like a stuffy nose and she said I needed to move him indoors, and bathe him everyday. She prescribed him an antibiotic for...
  12. H14.jpeg


    Happy Easter to all!
  13. H14.MOV


    Give me my Mazuri.
  14. J

    Does my screen blocks UVB from SUN?

    Hi Guys, I'm getting a sulcata hatchling tortoise and I have a few questions. I'm living in the Philippines a tropical country. (Dry season currently with a temp ranging from 29C to 35C) 1. I'm thinking to put my sulcata in this spot. Since the afternoon sun directly hits my windows, is it a...
  15. C

    Looking for somebody to take in my 2 year old male Sulcata!

    Hi! I have a young male Sulcata that is looking for a new home. I got him almost 2 years ago as a birthday gift because I always wanted a tortoise. At the time, I had a house with a large fenced in yard but at the beginning of COVID I obviously lost my job and had to move. I no longer have a...
  16. H13.jpeg


    For comparison: Day 1 and today - Herbie is 7 months. Keep growing little one.
  17. T

    Looking For Adult Female Sulcata

    Hey I am looking for an adult female sulcata. I recently had one of my female sulcatas die and I have been looking to get another one. Does anyone know where to get one?
  18. H11.jpeg


    Free range tortoise. Weed and grass fed. Organic. 😂
  19. AgataP

    Spring in PNW

    Last few days were so beautiful in WA. I have Herbie’s outdoor clover box on a patio so as soon the sun is out it warms it up. It’s like a 3x3 box that I grew clovers for him so we have it for winter but since it has a wire lid it is perfect now for getting some safe and secure outdoor feeding...
  20. H10.jpeg


    Sun out tortoise out! As soon as Herbie is outside and sees leaves he is so excited to eat anything. Super fun to watch. Got some good rays today.