1. H

    New Member asking for Help!

    Hi All! I’ve got an almost four year old Sulcata, Atty. she’s got a 2x6 enclosure and free roam of the house during the cooler months. She’s got basking, UVB, and CHE. I feed grassland and orchard grass pellets with greens, arugula, red leaf, cactus pads, dandelion greens, radicchio, and the...
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    Living the good life ...
  3. Brianabeth1

    Scute falling off adult Sulcata

    I took in two males at the beginning of this year. They came with damage to their shells. I’m only assuming due to low heat lamps. one main top scute is about to fall off. Now I know when it happens it happens. But I had a question as to if there is anything I can apply to the exposed “dead”...
  4. laciem23

    weed identification

    Anyone know what kind of weed this is? I live in south Florida.
  5. K

    Is this normal behavior? (Baby sulcata)

    hey everyone, I have my baby for about a month now. He (assuming its a he) is still a literal baby. Normally once I turn out the lights at night he just goes to sleep, however tonight I noticed he was kinda just sitting there. He wasn't sleeping because his eyes were open but he wasn't moving...
  6. M

    Egg tooth

    I am just curious, I was wondering if anyone knew when baby sulcatas lost their egg tooth. I don’t know how old mine is I can only assume it is younger than 6 weeks due to the egg tooth
  7. M

    New Sulcata

    Hey, So I just got my baby sulcata yesterday, I know that I am suppose to leave them be for the first 24 hours but if I soak it will that affect the 24 hours thing or will it be okay. Thanks in advance
  8. V

    Sulcata tortoise adoption experience

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has experience with adopters who have kept in contact with the previous owner over the years? Just for small updates? I am looking into possibly putting my boy up for adoption but I'm having some attachment issues (I know, I know) and I worry about him...
  9. Herbie1.jpg


    We have a future alpinist. Climbing that sunflower is sure lots of work.
  10. AgataP


    My friends keep telling me “oh Herbie is getting big !” Me: Hmmmhh he is gaining weight (we are almost at 60g), but I don’t see him bigger size wise. Till I looked at the pictures and compared them ??? Herbie straight out of the box Herbie today Look at all the new growth on his shell.
  11. kiramcathey

    Girl or Boy Sulcata Tortoise?

    Please help me identify is my sulcata tortoise is a girl or boy. Thanks!
  12. M

    Baby Sulcata Question

    Hello, I recently purchased a sulcata tortoise in stage one and still has a beak tooth. I have an overall uvb light to go over the whole tank and 50w mini halogen and uvb combo heat lamp over the basking rock. It has a hideaway and explores the tank every day. I have only had it for 4 days and...
  13. AgataP

    Good Morning

    Please tell me I am not the only one who is excited to wake up “late” on Saturday and see that her tortoise gave himself a soak and pooped. It’s the best morning ever !! ??
  14. AgataP

    Closed chamber enclosure data

    I see many discussions about the closed chamber enclosure, people having trouble keeping humidity in the right spot. For everyone who is still questioning closed chamber enclosures, here is some data collected today in Herbie’s enclosure. You can see the moment I opened his enclosure how fast...
  15. L

    Butch the bruiser

    this is butch I bought him from a pet shop. I dont know how old he is. He's small his shell fits in my palm. My fiance has had a Russian tortoise for 13 years. We are in the process of building a home enclosure. We know the main things such as calcium and what he is and is not to eat. But he's...
  16. AgataP

    Apartment/ small space living

    I often see posts saying: I can’t get grass for my tortoise .... grazing is not an option... I can’t grow grass for my tortoise... and so on. I am blessed with a big house and a big yard etc. but I lived in a small apartment before with a dog, cat and a guinea pig. Also now as soon as I put...