1. Kr1st1n

    Pink lines on plastron scute seams

    Hi, I just noticed that Fergus, my sultata, has this pink lines along the seams of his plastron scutes. I don’t know if they’ve always been there and I only for some reason just now noticed them, or if it’s something new (I really think I would’ve noticed though). His behavior is normal, eating...
  2. P

    fungal infection/ separating / lifting of the scute

    i don’t know what’s happening but he was sitting on a cucumber and now his shell is separating from the other scute. has anyone else had this happen? should i make an appointment?
  3. Mulgore

    Tears in greenhouse kit

    Hello friends there are tears in my boys greenhouse kit i was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to plug it up i tried duct tape but it didnt seem to work the enclosure is 8x4 so if someone has a better greenhouse kit too i would love some links thanks!
  4. B

    Baby sulcata hard urates despite daily soak (bladder stone)?

    Hi! My baby sulcata (2 months old) just passes a hard urates that is quite big considering the sulcata size. I have him for a month, and lately I feel like he has been thriving (bigger apetite, more active, pooping more 😂) I've soak him daily, every morning for 15-30minutes (sometimes twice a...
  5. K

    Worried about my Sulcata

    Hey, Im a new reptile owner and bought a Sulcata from a market here in Thailand back in June, when i got him he was 38g he quickly (1 month) gained weight up to around 54g and now we are in february, aka 9 months later and he is hovering around 53g - he peaked at 58g but been settling around...
  6. Juliaboris

    Need Help Identifying

    Hello all... it's been quite some time since I've been on here. I wanted to post an update on my girl Boris. I posted back in 2016 with some doubt on what type of tortoise she was. I had replies saying sulcata and chaco but wasn't sure. I still am unsure of her gender. She is still living in...
  7. T

    Unknown object in Sulcata Tortoise - Help!

    My Sulcata Tortoise of approximately 5-6 months has been acting lethargic for the last few days, it’s not eating or defecating. He was originally sharing an enclosure with another baby Sulcata but was separated and isolated from that tortoise as I thought he was showing signs of sickness. Their...
  8. E

    Giving away my Sulcata tortoise

    I had my sulcata tortoise since 2016. I unfortunately had bad life changes and unable to meet my tortoise needs. He is very active and friendly. I would love to know if there is anyone willing to adapt my tortoise and continue to take good care of him. I currently live in Florida. If you are out...
  9. D

    Leadership lessons from tortoises! Video.

    We can learn so much from tortoises about confidence, or the lack thereof. Love it when worlds collide :) Watch the video on LinkedIn: Leadership lessons from tortoises
  10. Kr1st1n

    Fergus' Growth w/in 6 months...

    I just wanted to share the progress of Fergus' growth within the 6 months that he became a part of our family (3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 tarantula, 2 snakes, 2 fish, 1 lizard) For some back-story... Fergus came to me as a rescue at 1 year of age and was significantly undersized (still is but not nearly...
  11. M

    Sulcata hatchling dehydrated shell?

    Hi, I’m new here and I have a 2-3 month old sulcata (I was told it was around that age) from a reptile store. I am concerned by its shell.. its shell was like this when I got him and I’m assuming this is dehydration?? I hope it’s something I can fix!! I’ve only had him for three days and I have...
  12. M

    Sulcata Shell Rot on Anal Scutes?

    Hi everyone, Recently bathing my 50lb sulcata tortoise, I flipped him over and noticed this along his anal scutes. Is this shell rot? I have never seen this before on any part of his shell until now..
  13. Eckgirl88

    I think he’s dying

    Artie is lethargic and his shell is softer than it should be. His enclosure is a large tote with a ceramic heat bulb, a MVB at 75w (we added today from the one that is like spiral and white), and also an incandescent bulb at 65watts. His cool side is 80 and the warm side fluctuates based on...
  14. B

    Time in hide

    Hey, first time Sulcata owner here and just looking for advice. I have a Sulcata around 6 months old, since I introduced its new hide a few weeks ago it spends 99% of its time inside there. Prior to getting this hide it was very active, walking around and exploring, picking at food all day...
  15. B

    “Humid hide” looking for advice

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum and hope I’m posting this thread in the right place. I have a young Sulcata around 6 months old that I keep in a vivarium. My daytime temperatures are under control and I use a CHE which is located in the centre to keep the evening temperature at 85f. My tortoise...
  16. M

    African Sulcata Tortoise 2 years and possible addition

    I have a friend who wants to give me her baby Sulcata that she found but I am unsure if it is wise with my Sulcata being 2 years old and I still don’t know the breed. Is it safe? Is it wise? If not is there anyone wanting a baby Sulcata here in Phoenix?
  17. Ramirezm2

    Best practice of cleaning eggs before incubation?

    I recently moved into a new property and within a week my female sulcata dug her first hole and laid 30+ eggs. Unfortunately she did brake about 8 of her eggs and egg yoke and dirt was clumped all around the other good eggs. She is fairly young and still getting the hang of egg laying. I wasn’t...
  18. JenPen

    Feedback Please: Baby Sulcata

    Please give me the good, the bad, and the ugly feedback on my baby's current home. So far I have not seen any health issues. I was told it was 7 months old in August, but I doubt that, it is small. I have had it for three full months now. Current food: Dandelion, endive, escarole, orchard...
  19. Utapie

    First time here, can I grow my own grass for my tortoise in a plastic kid pool?

    My boyfriend and I are getting a Sulcata tortoise soon and have been doing our research and read that theyre diet consists a lot of grazing grass and such but that's a issue for us since we live in Las Vegas and where we currently leave, we dont have grass. So my boyfriend and I thought maybe...
  20. Steve taking a soak

    Steve taking a soak

    Here just a photo of Steve soaking we always water change as soon as he goes to the bathroom. It's funny because he always gets zoomies like my dogs after a bath.