1. kirbytherussian

    Burrowing under cinder blocks

    Hi all! My 3 y.o. Sulcata recently dug his first burrow. Proud mom moment! However, his current enclosure utilizes cinder blocks as the walls- I found its easy to adjust and make bigger for his blooming size, as well as the fact that I am currently not in my forever home- which when I do buy a...
  2. Abby7

    African Sulcata Tortoise Hibernating?

    My parents have had a tortoise for 13 years now. We've always thought that she was an African Sulcata but I recently came across some information saying that sulcatas do not hibernate/brumate, but she has been doing so every year during the winter months. We have always brought her indoors when...
  3. PiL71

    Substrate Mixture?

    Hello anyone who reads this, What I would like to know is how can I make his substrate more burrow friendly? I've allotted about 6 inches of ground to him, but I've noticed it A. dries out fairly fast, and B. when dried does not retain it's shape. I have purely coco coir in there, with a bit...
  4. kiramcathey

    Hole Digging

    I have had my Sulcata tortoise for 1 1/2 months now. She is about 2 years old. Previously, she lived at my in laws, but they had only a very small space for her (aprox 5ftx2ft). She now is able to roam the backyard freely at my house, which she does on a daily basis. At my in laws, she had a...
  5. Pokey

    Tortoise sleeping outside burrow

    I have an approximately 25 year old female Morafkas Desert Tortoise (whose been in my care for about ten years). Lately when I walk out back at night I notice she’s sleeping outside her burrow out in the open. Is that behavior normal? I’m worried that a great horned owl or something else might...
  6. P

    Greetings! New red foot and some issues

    Hi all! We got a new red foot tortoise about a month and a half ago. All seemed well until about a week ago when she became super sluggish, wasn’t walking around as much and was just burrowing and staying burrowed for the day. We took her to the vet and he gave her a vitamin shot and didn’t...
  7. Michael Naz

    Winter turtle

    so i live in central florida and my florida box turtle has usually been underground all day with moss atop her, and she hasnt eaten in a while or gone in the water. florida box turtles dont hibernate and she is not, but is it normal for her to not eat in a while through this cold? its been...
  8. Rusky

    Excavator-proof liner?

    So my Russian likes to dig... a LOT! When I first built this table, I lined it with garbage bags, but now this is the second time that his claws have shredded it up. Does anyone have some good ideas for an excavator-proof waterproof tortoise enclosure liner?
  9. Vioderps

    What if my tortoise burrows deep and does not come outside?

    My two RT seem to have burrowed last week (8 inches diagonally downwards) where the weather was slightly colder. They have stayed there for I few days and I'm not sure If I should be worried or not. California's weather is unpredictable and it will keep on getting hot and cold. What Should I do...
  10. Laura Woj

    GIANT tortoise needs a burrow, haaalp!

    Ive got a 22 yr old 70 lb Sulcata. He's HUGE! He wants a burrow, and rather than allowing him to make one himself, Id like to control the situation. Mainly so it doesn't get out of control. I'm leaning towards this 3 wall cinder block idea, capped with plywood and buried in dirt. My issue is...