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Carol S.- great!


5 Year Member
Dec 20, 2010
I just bought a hatchling from Carol S. It was an excellent experience! Communication with the seller was prompt and all my questions were answered. We chose a hatchling that is about 2.5 months old. I loved that Carol keeps the babies for a little while until they are at least a few months old and well started! The baby," Turtwig", arrived well packed and in good condition. Included was also an impressive, very detailed care sheet! After some warming up and a soak baby started to eat most of the greens offered! We are impressed by the appetite this little one has. This baby isn't fearful and doesn't seem to mind an entire family standing around watching him/her munch away just hours after arrival. The next day our new family member explored the bin, took regular naps and ate ( a lot!). He/she already takes food from our hands with no fear. It is very obvious that the baby is used to lots of human attention! I want to give a big " thank you" to Carol for raising this baby with such care!



The Dog Trainer
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Jan 9, 2010
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Southern California
She's a good one, that Carol. Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone.


New Member
Aug 27, 2019
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Rochester. NY
Yeah I received mine from Carol a few weeks back and s/he's (tort) has been eating like a champ and comfortable in her surroundings and people from the get go.