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Oct 12, 2017
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I am new to the tortoise forum but I wanted to share my wonderful experience with Carol S. I received my baby Russian tortoise from Carol on Friday and I could not be happier. The baby is absolutely adorable and is very healthy. Carol has been extremely helpful through the process and has answered all of my questions. She sent some great care sheets and information and has even asked for updates after my little guy arrived. I can tell that Carol truly cares about her tortoises. If you are looking for a baby russian tortoise, Carol is an excellent breeder!


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Simon Jeong

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Aug 7, 2018
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San Antonio, TX
I received a healthy hatchling from Carol S today. His/her name is Peanut!

About @Carol S :
She genuinely cares for the tortoise and is very informative. Communication with her was effective and pleasant. For several days I emailed her a ton of questions, and they were all answered timely with very helpful information. She educated me on how to care for tortoises (she knows what her hatchlings like). If you are looking for a Russian tortoise, I would 100% recommend Carol. I don't think any other big companies could match her communication and care.

About Peanut:
Peanut was very healthy right out of the box. He/she is very friendly and brave. It took Peanut a couple of hours to adjust and explore freely. Peanut ate his/her food right away and pooped (high quality). He/she even ate a leaf that I was holding on to (which I have heard takes months for some people). It seems like Carol's approach of talking to her tortoises gave them good exposures to humans. Peanut is very active. He/she explored the enclosure thoroughly and even climbed a basket.
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