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Nov 29, 2018
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Maidens, Virginia
Hello all. My 4 yo Sully (20 inch) is loving his new out door house and yard. He has an insulated home (buried) and the plastic strips on his door for easy entrance / exit. It still cold outside off and on here in Virginia (USa), so I have slowly been leaving the doors open on 'borderline' cold days to let him decide on a walk or not. I am happy to report he will go in and out on his own, so I am hoping he self regulates (meaning..if its too cold for him, he'll go inside his 75-90 degree home).

My question they?? after an hour or so outside, he will go back inside ( Ive been checking). However, we left his doggie door open 2 nights ago..with the flaps of course...and he was outside in the morning (when it was 38 degrees out).

He is eating and exploring normally today, but he now has a nose whistle. I really don't think he stayed out all night...he knows where to go to get warm, but could he have gotten a mild infection from walking around in his yard? I soak him regularly, and his home has a water bowl that he gets in. I guess I will make a humid hide inside his house in case its dry. advice welcome.

How did people safely transition there Sully into an outside home with an open door policy?

aside from soaking and humidity with warm temps in his there anything else I should do for a nose whistle? ( I don't see anything in his nose)

Thanks all!

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