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Aug 30, 2018
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It's against Forum policy to talk about or encourage anything illegal.

Sorry Yvonne. It’s just a really crappy situation. I couldn’t image losing my pet after 48 years (I think that’s what she said). Back in those days people didn’t have documentation. I dunno about anyone else but pets are family for me; that’s how I was raised. And you don’t give up on family. Not for anything. I just hope they figure it out and everything works out for them.


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Dec 27, 2019
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Denver, CO
Wow! Thanks for all the replies. As it's all settled into our brains a bit more, I have encouraged my mother to call the Sonoran Desert Museum and give him to them. It seems they do a great job. If for some reason, that doesn't pan out, I am hoping they can suggest further options. And then along with the options posted here...I am sure we can figure it out. parents have lots of photos of him all the way back in the 80's. I even took him to a pet day thing at Girl Scouts when I was like 7 years old and there is a picture of me in my Girl Scout uniform holding this tortoise (I am 46 think on Although I am still not sure how it proves much since they all kind of look the same.

As far as habitat here in Denver, I could easily build a wonderful habitat. I am on 2.5 acres on the eastern plains and have lovely gardens all planted by me. And yes, we have hibiscus believe it or not. I had mentioned the bindweed in the original post because I am constantly torching it, pulling it, etc. It's awful stuff and I have no shortage of it, but I also have things like Hollyhock Zebrina (not actually a hollyhock, but a mallow), actual hollyhocks which apparently tortoises like, lots of grape vines, sunflowers, and echinacea to name only a few of the varieties I grow in my yard. I even have a beautiful cactus garden that is loaded with blooms and prickly pear fruit every year. I am a bit of an obsessed gardener. I have a cool dark basement to hibernate a tortoise in in the winter...but alas, it sounds like the legalities of it might be more than we can deal with. Maybe I will call the Desert Museum too and find out the scoop on their end.

While all of us would be and likely will be sad to let him go, I would be even more sad if he was seized from us and my parents fined as they move on to this new era in life. They have lived in that house since I was 5. It was a big deal to move out and I am so glad they are doing it while they are still healthy vibrant people who can enjoy retirement. I would hate for something like this to cause harm to the tortoise or to them.

I will update when we get it figured out. I told my mother that I thought it best for them to get it sorted out sooner rather than later ...while in hibernation still. He has never hibernated in a box. He had a den/burrow on a hill in my parents' yard so all of this is kind of uncharted territory.