desert tortoise

  1. marbalboy

    Is it swollen?

    Pretty much no other symptoms. Eating and pooping. Last week, petunia seemed to feel a little under the weather and was lethargic but eating and (less than often pooping). So… acting completely normal….. but looks swollen….am I just paranoid? Its between 11-13 months old.
  2. S

    Las Vegas | Need a home for my tortoise!!!

    Hi everyone, I need to rehome my 7 year old desert tortoise. Her name is Queso. She’s growing a little too big for my tiny apartment..She is a desert tortoise with lots of curiosity! Need a loving home for her!
  3. marbalboy

    Enriched cuttlefish…?

    I bought this cheap cuddle fish for birds off Amazon but now I’m questioning whether I should give this to my tortoise because it appears to be enriched with omega-3 vitamin B one. Should I return this for something more….. fully aquatic? For hatchling Mojave desert tortoise (oh my gosh I just...
  4. christy0426

    Does this look like irritation/infection?

    Morris is a ten year old Russian tortoise, and recently he has been having recurring redness around his left ear. It does not feel hot and he doesn't seem tender to the touch, but it is consistently only on the one side, and I want to make sure it isn't worth a visit to the vet. It started...
  5. B

    Head Bobbing (between different breeds?)

    This year and last year I've noticed my gopher tortoise (Shelly) keeps bobbing their head at my desert tortoise (Squirtle). The desert tortoise for the most part seems to be ignoring it, and will never bob back. My research led me to two things, - aggression/territorialism - mating Could it...
  6. gretgonz

    Is Valentine Bush safe for Desert Tortoise?

    Does anyone know if Valentine Bush (Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’) is safe for Desert Tortoises? We have one in our yard which our Speedy ignored all of last year and most of this season since she woke up, but this year it’s flowering much better and today I caught her nibbling on a couple of...
  7. Lexnau

    Help! Sulcata Tortoise lower beak

    Help! My little guy has done something to his lower beak. (PICTURE ATTACHED) , I don't know how or what is going on with it. Any help please, his vet is not open till Monday and I'm worrying like crazy if he will be okay till then .
  8. M

    Hey everybody ! :)

    Hey fellow tortoise lovers ! My name is Margo and live in Las Vegas, NV. First off, I have to say that I absolutely love this forum! it has been SO informational to me since we got our baby torts. We recently adopted 2 baby Desert Tortoises in NV. Their names are Turbo(yearling) &...
  9. assmustard


    Hello everyone my name is Ruben and i’ve been having my Desert Tortoise named Torterra (agassizii) for 10 months now. He’s a rescue , his previous owner was neglecting him. I also have two persian cats and a leopard gecko! I’m very happy to join a community like this as it’s my first time...
  10. A

    Another problem! Tom, help!

    Hey! I posted about a week ago in my thread “Please Help!!” asking what to do with my pet desert tortoise. I was kindly helped by Tom The Dog Trainer and SinLA. My tortoise was not in ideal conditions which included flooding and not-so-ideal temperatures. So, I brought my little Godzilla inside...
  11. G

    Desert tortoise health is questionable :( need guidance.

    Tortoise has questionable health. Need guidance. Hang in there with the details. My desert tortoise is around 40 years old. I adopted him about 2 years ago. According to a previous owner, he has had a rough 40+ years and it shows in his shell. He has been fed dog food most of his life (this...
  12. W

    Help?? Tortoise only hibernated one month?

    Hello please help, My parents recently moved and brought their desert tortoises with them, but the enclosure had to be moved, and outside was too cold to leave them out there. They kept the tortoises inside, and they entered hibernation for what they said was about a month and a half, but now...
  13. M

    Am I supposed to register my desert tortoise ?

    Hello all! I recently acquired a 100+ year old desert tortoise when I purchased a home that “came with a turtle”. Am I supposed to register or get a permit for having her? Not sure of the rules. I recently learned that she was a desert tortoise through this forum and learned there are several...
  14. LakersSteve

    Is this prolapse? (Desert Tortoise)

    So this is a roughly 5 month old desert tortoise that I recently noticed a small bulging “sac” coming from her rectum. I was told she was a female when she was given to my family. Her enclosure is pure coco coir, with nothing she could have accidentally eaten since I’ve had her at 3 days old...
  15. S

    Need immediate advice: rescue

    My mom became recently disabled in a car accident and could no longer take care of my little brother's tortoise. Upon taking over responsibility of the tortoise, I began to realize that she wasn't taking very good care of him anyway. I have no idea what kind of tortoise he is, just that he's a...
  16. D

    New Desert Tortoise Hatchling Owner Seeking Advice

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but happy to be here to learn and hopefully one day contribute! My grandmas desert tortoise laid 9 eggs this year and in September 7 of them hatched. My grandma gave me the 7 hatchlings. They have been seemingly great the past 3 months until this week when I went...
  17. Y

    My tortoise isn't hibernating!

    Hello, i am new to this forum and tortise keeping and I was really in need of some help? To start off, I have a desert tortoise, a male, around 40 years old. We recently inherited him because his past owner was unable to keep him anymore. Well, its already one month into hibernation time and my...
  18. T

    What is growing on/in this Desert Tortoises shell?

    I have noticed recently that a 30+ year old female Desert Tortoise I care for has developed a mold like pattern on/in her shell. She is mostly kept outside during Spring/Summer in the southern United States. During Winter/Fall is kept indoors with a heat lamp and usually in a large concrete...
  19. T

    Desperate help with baby desert tortoise!!!

    Hi! My neighbor has desert tortoises and they found a newborn baby desert tortoise last week in their backyard. I’ve been trying to help them figure out care for the baby as the couple is older and not great with technology. I actually have a sulcata tortoise, but have never raised babies so I’m...
  20. dylanhighsmith

    Desert Tortoise Restless Movements While Sleeping

    So our 28 year old desert tortoise has been very restless at night lately. Pretty much all night long he does this intermittent wild neck stretching and head pumping thing. We've taken him to the vet for this type of behavior before (although that time he wasn't stretching his neck out as far -...