desert tortoise

  1. M

    Am I supposed to register my desert tortoise ?

    Hello all! I recently acquired a 100+ year old desert tortoise when I purchased a home that “came with a turtle”. Am I supposed to register or get a permit for having her? Not sure of the rules. I recently learned that she was a desert tortoise through this forum and learned there are several...
  2. LakersSteve

    Is this prolapse? (Desert Tortoise)

    So this is a roughly 5 month old desert tortoise that I recently noticed a small bulging “sac” coming from her rectum. I was told she was a female when she was given to my family. Her enclosure is pure coco coir, with nothing she could have accidentally eaten since I’ve had her at 3 days old...
  3. S

    Need immediate advice: rescue

    My mom became recently disabled in a car accident and could no longer take care of my little brother's tortoise. Upon taking over responsibility of the tortoise, I began to realize that she wasn't taking very good care of him anyway. I have no idea what kind of tortoise he is, just that he's a...
  4. D

    New Desert Tortoise Hatchling Owner Seeking Advice

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but happy to be here to learn and hopefully one day contribute! My grandmas desert tortoise laid 9 eggs this year and in September 7 of them hatched. My grandma gave me the 7 hatchlings. They have been seemingly great the past 3 months until this week when I went...
  5. Y

    My tortoise isn't hibernating!

    Hello, i am new to this forum and tortise keeping and I was really in need of some help? To start off, I have a desert tortoise, a male, around 40 years old. We recently inherited him because his past owner was unable to keep him anymore. Well, its already one month into hibernation time and my...
  6. T

    What is growing on/in this Desert Tortoises shell?

    I have noticed recently that a 30+ year old female Desert Tortoise I care for has developed a mold like pattern on/in her shell. She is mostly kept outside during Spring/Summer in the southern United States. During Winter/Fall is kept indoors with a heat lamp and usually in a large concrete...
  7. T

    Desperate help with baby desert tortoise!!!

    Hi! My neighbor has desert tortoises and they found a newborn baby desert tortoise last week in their backyard. I’ve been trying to help them figure out care for the baby as the couple is older and not great with technology. I actually have a sulcata tortoise, but have never raised babies so I’m...
  8. dylanhighsmith

    Desert Tortoise Restless Movements While Sleeping

    So our 28 year old desert tortoise has been very restless at night lately. Pretty much all night long he does this intermittent wild neck stretching and head pumping thing. We've taken him to the vet for this type of behavior before (although that time he wasn't stretching his neck out as far -...
  9. Roriart

    Desert tortoise flipping over

    Hi! I'm posting on behalf of my sister, her roommate's sister just gave them two desert tortoises that she could no longer care for. I believe they are both males, but after receiving them we did lots of research and we know to seperate them before they reach maturity. Right now they don't mind...
  10. F74D02BD-1246-4253-B9F8-0B50B38CA488.jpeg


    I write a To do list every day on my personalised tortie paper, got to write these things down when you’re busy busy busy like me!! Can you relate? ?? #workhardplayhard #grindneverstops
  11. khepur

    Proper UVB for Hatchling Tortoises?

    Hello! I'm Khepur, and I am very much a newbie with owning tortoises, and the ones I'm caring for aren't technically 'mine' but I've fallen in love and desperately want to give proper care. They are three Arizona Desert Tortoises (probably Gopherus agassizii) and are around two months old. I've...
  12. Katamari.Sweetheart

    New Cal. Desert Tortoise Guardian

    Hello, I’ve just rescued a baby desert tortoise (gopherus agassizii), gifted from an accidental captive clutch. I’m applying for a permit. I’m new to tortoise keeping and want to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my little guy. I noticed that he has a lot of debris and crust around his...
  13. C

    Sick little buddy

    Hello all, I am very new to this tortoise owning thing. I have had my little buddy for two weeks. And he was doing well until about 3 days ago. In this time he has stopped eating, drinking and has just been sleeping. I have checked the temperature constantly being sure he is warm enough, I keep...
  14. J

    Desert Tortoise

    Good Evening, I have a 15 year old desert tortoise, i received her 2 yrs ago, last winter she went into hibernation in Sep and stayed till March. This year Tucson has been having crazy hot record breaking temperatures. She didn’t go in until Nov. 10, but I came home today and she’s back out. I...
  15. BuddysMom2005

    Transitioning about 20 year old desert tortoise

    Hello everyone! I am new here & could really use some advice. I have a desert tortoise, who is about 20 years old. His name is Buddy. We adopted him when I was in about 5th grade. We live in Las Vegas, NV. When we got him, my dad went through the process of making sure he had a super amazing...
  16. L

    Smartest tortoise ever!

    I saw this video a few days ago, I can't stop watching it and I thought I would share it in here. It's so funny It's worth watching, the description is in spanish and that's a desert tortoise so I'm guessing that's Sonora, Mexico. It says the tortoise escaped twice so they decided to record it...
  17. L

    She ate toxic plants?!

    Hi! I'm desperate for help please! I have a sonoran desert tortoise of about 6 years old, she's been eating this plants outside for a few months and she's been doing fine she loves them, an older woman recommend I give them to her like she did to her tortoises, but recently my tortoise keeps...
  18. Tokka

    Sulcata or Desert Tortoise?

    Can anyone identify this little girl? Live in AZ. We love her spunky personality. Live in an area with many roadrunners and found her in the middle of a busy road. She’s already grown 2” in a few months. Very active.
  19. T

    How do you cope with tortoise loss?

    Sorry for a depressing post, but I would like to know how others cope with their tortoise loss. I live in Southern California. The desert tortoise was in my family for 50 years. Different generations took care of the tortoise, and it was my mom's turn to take care of him. (The tortoise was a...
  20. Tina the desert tort

    How big will my tortoise get?

    I have a male desert tortoise who I was told is about 5, I suspect he may be older but I am unsure. Anyway I measured the length of the top of his shell and it was just under 9 inches. Is he done growing? I was told by the rescue that he is about full grown. I will include some pics