desert tortoise

  1. Susannadior

    New Desert Tortoise owner from California - hello!

    Hi everyone! I am so happy that I found this forum. I just rescued a 3 month old desert tortoise. We have named him/her Murphy and both my husband and I adore this little guy to death. We live in Southern California (Palm Springs area) and this is our first tortoise. Eager to meet you all and...
  2. Tanyabobanya

    What and when to feed 2 day old baby desert tortoises

    Hi I have 2 just hatched baby desert tortoises. When do I start feeding and what? The umbilical chord has gone down in the second one. I have them in the same plastic container for now. I have 2 four year olds from the same parents but missed this part of their lives- thank you! I have a...
  3. Shortyalex16

    Hi everyone. We found Sheldon, a baby Desert Tortoise, in our garden almost a week ago

    We think he is about 6 to 7 days old. He is 2 inches long. We live in Victorville, California. I have never owned any turtles or tortoises in my life. Any helpful advice on what to feed him would be appreciated. I keep him in a rubber maid storage bin in my room with mulch, basking rocks, a...
  4. ttjorgens

    Hatchling Brumation

    We have a DT hatchling--almost a year old (Nov 6)--who lives in a tortoise table at the moment. His energy, appetite, and growth have been great to date. I recently created a longer, sloping downward tunnel for him which he is really enjoying. Maybe a little too much. I put the food out and he...
  5. Borgijo

    Baby deserts trying to hibernate

    I foster baby desert tortoises ranging from just a couple weeks old to a year old. I have 18. 10 Texas deserts and 8 California deserts. I have noticed my California deserts are not eating and a few staying in their hides. Well last night and this morning I lost 3 babies. 2 at a month old 1 at...
  6. B

    HELP - brand spanking new Desert Tortoise babies in Las Vegas

    Hi there - we weren't even expecting new babies as our male tortoise died a few months ago ... we had no clue that our girl tortoise would have laid any eggs... obviously she did .... while doing yardwork, my husband was leveling the yard, and scraped and broke 3 tortoise eggs and we dont...
  7. Maria


    Nice female CDT, had her for a few years now.
  8. April Showers Bring May Flowers...and tortoisesL

    April Showers Bring May Flowers...and tortoisesL

  9. DesertGirl


  10. M

    Please help!!!! Desert tortoise peeing dark brown/ red!!!! ):

    I just found this tortoise like two days ago, I’ve been feeding him collard greens I bought some grass hay but he won’t eat it, I’ve put out water but he doesn’t seem to drink it, I’ve soaked him because I read that’s another way to get water in them yesterday he peed and it was a light pink...
  11. G

    Hi everyone new member need help!!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and I need help I was given these little guys and I was told they were sulcatas but my first instinct was that they don't really have the color to me they look more like desert tortoises Can anybody help
  12. H

    Involuntary new tortoise mother in need of advice

    Hi, I found myself in the sudden possession of a tortoise today when I noticed one outside my home, plodding along the side of the street, in danger of getting hit by a car. I understand it's generally not a good idea to pick up wildlife, but this is an urban area and people on the roads...
  13. Tortoiseboi

    Salvia Pachyphylla (Mojave Sage)

    Anyone know if this is a good plant for Desert Tortoises? I haven't seen a concrete answer.