desert tortoise

  1. Tina the desert tort

    Desert tortoise Hermanns cohab?

    I have a desert tortoise who I live and adore ?! She is the best. My question is some day in the distant future if I get more space, could she ever live with a Hermanns tortoise or any other tortoise species? If not I am curious as to why, I know some people are against cohabitating but the...
  2. Tina the desert tort

    Tina the tortoise!

    Hi, it’s Tina the Sonoran desert tortoise! Please follow my instagram for fun daily desert tort life and interesting stuff! I would really appreciate it!
  3. Isolde


    Hello, my name is isolde and I am new here, this are my girls/boys: This is Tete and she is 7 years old ( I think) and this is Jesse, i think he is a he and is 3 years old (but im not sure) I’m not really sure what species they are because a relative gave me tete when she was a hatchling and I...
  4. Emmanuel Mendoza

    Hello ?

    This is my indoor hatchling/juvenile enclosure. I have 3 tubs made into 1 currently housing some baby desert tortoises, I have a humidifier running 24/7 in my room with all of my air vents closed. I soak daily for 30 minutes minimum and I spray down the enclosure and the carapace of each...
  5. B

    Slow and Steady for our future Tortoise

    Hi all! I found this forum about a month ago when I was researching into tortoise care and I've already learned a ton and love the community here. We just bought a house with a large backyard (large for Mesa, Arizona) and want to get a backyard tortoise. We are going to apply to adopt a Desert...
  6. H

    Desert Tortoise

    My parents were given a captive desert tortoise back in the 80's. They live in Phoenix, but are moving. They are trying to figure out how to handle their tortoise. I live in Denver and before agreeing to help them out, I am trying to determine if I can actually do this given the different...
  7. Rebs

    Help Brumating in Los Angeles

    Hi. I need help. We have two desert tortoises, Lance and Gwennie, in Highland Park, Los Angeles. They came with our house and for the five years we've been here they have successfully brumated in a burrow they dug - it even worked through El Nino - the tortoises placed it at the top of a slight...
  8. Susannadior

    What age should a DT start brumating?

    Murphy just turned 1 and we were told not to let him brumate for the first 3 years. Is this true? And if not, how to we prepare him for brumation? We live in southern California where its in the mid-80s in the day and high-50s at night. He lives in a raised enclosure outside, but has heat and a...
  9. mimsy

    Desert tortoise died. Need insights & closure

    My tortoise had a flooded burrow while hibernating about 2 weeks ago...I thought he was probably dead! But we got all the water out and tapped his foot and it moved. He was alive. WOW Anyway a few days later he came out of his burrow. He was coming out every day and sunning himself. Seemed...
  10. Lokkje

    Scorpion sting

    My 60+-year-old desert tortoise Tiny Tim was stung by a scorpion last Friday. He was very ataxic and I heard him bumping and slamming around on the patio. I took him to Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital in Mesa Arizona and he was given 5 days of meloxicam and is still on injections of...
  11. R

    Meet Me, ReptilianEmoChild

    Hi, I'm Noah, or ReptilianEmoChild. I am from Arizona and I am in the process of adopting a desert tortoise from the Game and Fish department. I am young and new to owning reptiles so I will be perusing this site often and asking many questions if they haven't been asked already.
  12. dylanhighsmith

    Tortoise head pumping while sleeping

    So our 26 year old desert tortoise has been doing a lot of head pumping in his sleep at night lately: Video1 Video2 Anyone know what this is? Is this weather related (it's been hot lately)? Digestion? Breathing? Aside from this behavior (that he's just started the last couple days) he seems...
  13. K

    Prolapse in F tortoise

    This morning I found my tortoise like this. (See image). She hasn’t done this before. Her cloaca really looks like a female’s and her tail is short so I thought she is a she. What is this? Is it normal? Why is she doing this? She retracted it after about a minute. Should I worry and take her to...
  14. K

    Tortoise found on freeway

    Had a person contact me knowing that I have desert tortoises I take care of & have on my property, he starts telling me that he had found a tortoise on the 14 freeway in Lancaster California. He saw it last second and swerved to avoid it and slammed on his brakes and ran back and got it before...
  15. L

    Eating/Drinking small amounts, no pooping at all???

    My three young Desert Tortoises have been out of hibernation for 3 weeks now and they are still very sluggish. This is my second year with them and last year they were very active when they came out of hibernation. This year they are not the same. They will only eat small amounts of Romaine...
  16. Lisa Marie

    New To group! Help Desert Tortoise has pink-reddish Marks on Shell

    Help! My Jackie was stuck in his Burrow. I think it collapsed around him. After Middle of March I got very worried he still had not come out! And when I looked in his burrow it was filled with Dirt where a tunnel use to be. I couldn’t get a shovel in there So for a few days I dug out the dirt...
  17. Baldy Aeschylus

    Ivanpah Solar Plant Kills Wildlife

    Not sure if everyone is aware just how destructive these new 'green' forms of energy production are to the surrounding wildlife. It seems that environmental impact studies only hold up those projects not favored by politicians and guaranteed federally backed loans at stupid low interest rates...
  18. Susannadior

    Flat shell

    Hi all, Murphy, my DT, is now 4 months old. He has doubled his weight since I got him, which is amazing, eats like a champ and gets plenty of UV and water. Question, his shell seems to be flatter than what I imagine it should be. He not super round, more of an ellipse. Can anyone tell me if...
  19. Susannadior

    How much ReptiCalcium?

    Murphy, my 4 month old DT, is a powerhouse when it comes to eating. He eats 2-3 times a day and eats almost whatever I put in front of him (he has not grown partial to cactus, yet). I've been sprinkling a dash of ReptiCalcium on his greens once a week, but not sure if it's too much or too...
  20. Hansi

    My old friend Stoltenberg the Desert Tortoise

    Hi. I'm new here. My about 60 year old Desert Tortoise is named after a german politician, named Stoltenberg. It's our oldest member of our happy zoo and a full-on family member that we love. He now lives with us for about 27 years in southern California and is a very happy and healthy fellow...