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Dec 4, 2020
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Corona CA
Hello all, I am very new to this tortoise owning thing. I have had my little buddy for two weeks. And he was doing well until about 3 days ago. In this time he has stopped eating, drinking and has just been sleeping. I have checked the temperature constantly being sure he is warm enough, I keep providing him with fresh greens, water in a shallow bowl and have been soaking him in hope he will feel better. We have been spot checking his enclosure and have even cleaned the whole thing and replaced with new sand. He is a desert tortoises, I am unsure of his age. I want to say maybe 6-7months. I was told at this age he should not be hibernating. i Have made an appointment with a vet but they won’t be able to see him until next Thursday. I am scared. I really feel as though he is dying. I don’t think he can make it until Thursday. It doesn’t look like signs of a respiratory infection. Anyone have any advice?

Aloysius Taschse

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Oct 23, 2020
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Mainly Texas
If he is dying, then this would be an emergency. I'm not really familiar with the vet thing, because Kiwi doesn't need to go to the vet for another few months, but if the vet can't see them even if it is an emergency, see if you can find any other clinics nearby, even if it takes a few hours. I can imagine that there might be more vet clinics in Corona, but if not make a dash for the closest one nearby. Prayers to you and your tort and hopefully he makes it!??

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Jan 23, 2008
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We're going to need more information in order for us to give you good advice. "I have checked the temperature. . . to make sure he's warm enough." Doesn't tell us if he's being kept in the correct temperature. Please post pictures of the tortoise inside his enclosure.