1. F

    Baby sulcata enclosure & sunlight

    Hi everyone! I have a baby sulcata around two inches long. I have a few questions for my baby sulcata. The temperature in the enclosure is around high 80s and low 90s during the day, do I still need to turn on the UVA light for 12 hours? I assume I will have to in order to maintain its basking...
  2. cgrenier

    HELP! Extremely Deformed Baby Box Turtle

    Hey. I have a baby box turtle. Our 3 toed box turtles breed with other 3 toed box turtles as well as easterns. I’ve waited 100 days and we found a baby hatchling. It’s been stuck in it’s shell. We’ve been helping it day by day get out of it. The turtle has a smashed shell, it’s legs can’t touch...
  3. F

    Little spoiled Sulcata Baby

    My little guy got his new habitat updates today. Including auto sensing temperature and humidity gauge with timer light and edible decor 😊 2” coco coir bedding and layer of orchard bark with a coco coir exclusive dig down humid hide.
  4. tazpjm

    Constipated tortoise

    Hello everybody, my tortoise hasn't pooped in 1 week. Everytime she pees the excreting urate doesn't come out, and she tries to poop sometimes but it doesn't go out and today i gave her a warm bath and she didnt poop, she has also been unactive. I wonder if my baby tortoise has a problem with...
  5. Flapjack

    New and Concerned Pancake owner.

    Hello, I want to make sure I am doing everything correctly. The more knowledge the better, right? I'm kind of worried about shell growth. I've had since December, im assuming he's about a year old now? I want to make sure I am doing enough. Shell on butt is curving upwards and doesn't look...
  6. GerardoCentroPet

    Chaco tortoise, chelonoidis chilensis.

    HI everyone, im new here. I started working at a pet shop, and they brought fifteen baby chacos. I am not sure that the info going around is really accurate. People here keep them in the garden usually and there isnt much info on them as an indoor kept species. Any information or experience...
  7. G

    Shell healthy?

    This is my almost 1 year old Russian. How is the plastron looking? Is it healthy or any shell Roy at all? Just curious
  8. B

    HELP!!! Baby Cherry Head Tortoise Shell Problem!

    I have had my baby cherry head tortoise for a month. I am getting worried about the condition of his shell. He began to have white spots. At first, I thought they were mineral deposits. When I put 50/50 water and vinegar I do not see any reaction. So I don't think they are mineral deposits. When...
  9. J

    Baby horsefield belly markings

    Hi all Any advice on this topic would be massively appreciated. My baby horsefield (7 months old) has little bumps and what look like scar lines (I’m sure they’re not) on his belly, I’ve popped a picture on the feed, can anyone tell me exactly what they are, and if this is normal?
  10. Mom of Zitouna

    Greek tortoise not defecating for two weeks

    Hey, so I have a Greek tortoise which someone gave me less than two weeks ago. She is small, like 1,5 inches but I don't know her age. She's been healthy, active, and eating well, she also looks good. But she didn't defecate ever since she came home. She did urinate but never defecate. I mainly...
  11. tazpjm

    Travelling tortoise

    Hello, I'm going to go away for a month this December and I dont know whether or not I should bring my tortoise. Where I'm going is cold and I worry about her neing sick, but I also cant find a pet hotel or a babysitter. Is there anything I can do?
  12. tazpjm

    unknown species

    This is my 2 year old tortoise and i have been really confused as to what species, I cant tell if shes a Tunisian, Egyptian, or Hermann's tortoise.
  13. 1 year old cherry ?

    1 year old cherry ?

    She is Indian star tortoise I got her when she was 5 months old and this is a picture of her when she was 5 months old ....
  14. T

    White on rim of shell (cherry head red-foot)

    Our baby cherry head red-foot tortoise is developing this whiteness on the bottom rim of her shell & it’s now on her belly. Any ideas what it could be? The internet has said anything from simple signs of shell growth to shell rot & we just want to make sure we’re leaving it alone if it’s nothing...
  15. Scollins17

    Tortoise Yearling Outdoor

    Hi everyone. I have a yearling Marginated tortoise that I got August 2020 when it was a hatchling. I did a lot of research before acquiring him and believe I've built a very good temporary indoor encloser for him(until it's big enough to live outside). Seems very healthy and active. For the...
  16. A

    Baby Russian tortoise - not opening eyes much

    Hello, I am hoping for some help with what could be causing my Russian tortoise (Sheldon) to act this way and how best I can help him. I have booked a vets appointment but it’s 5 days away and I’m worried he will be suffering. Bit of background - I got Sheldon from a pet shop locally, I wasn’t...
  17. Lady Ashthorn

    A myriad of questions.

    Ok, I have several related questions. I currently have a baby redfoot who is going to be 3 months tomorrow. I have seen that this is a debatable topic, but would I be able to house multiple (specifically 2) baby to yearling tortoises together. Are pairs ok? Can a yearling and a hatchling be in...
  18. milesm916

    New baby, just some fun pictures of him!

    Just some pictures of Murphy, my new baby! These are from his free roam time in the evenings, when he's the most active!
  19. Y

    Another update to my enclosure! All feedback is welcome :)

    Sorry I can’t figure out how to update my last thread to show you guys. I wanted an update on temperatures and how it’s looking now :) I’m going to be purchasing some bark to keep the coco fiber out of his water bowl and also buying 2 terra cotta planter bottoms. You guys have been so amazing to...
  20. E

    Found my baby Hermann’s Upside Down Today

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, and a new baby Hermann’s owner. I got my tort (named Tiberius) on March 25th. I did a lot of research beforehand and everything has been going great so far, except for today. I went to visit my father for the day, and I called my my mother to see how my tortoise was...