1. Gerhald Kuswandi

    HELPP!!! I Think My Baby Sulcata Get MBD

    Hi I need help and answer ASAP because I think my 2 months old baby Sulcata is having MBD! Recently I just checked the plastron and the carapace and they are really soft when I press it gently and also the plastron is getting these black color and I can see through his shell when I place him...
  2. K

    Horsefield tortoise wont stop eating!

    Hi Everyone I hope you are all well. I have a baby horsefield tortoise (9 months old), I got him around 3 months ago and he has settled in well. Im a little bit concerned that he eats so much though - im sure I read on here that you can overfees tortoises, and im concerned that I might be! He...
  3. 1FE6869C-1D84-4A47-8578-1366EED96B49.jpeg


    She’s the size of a gum tape roll!
  4. N


    I just got the new bulbs are they gonna be to bright or will they work, they are flood bulbs but idk if they are incandescent.
  5. Kwakin

    What Gender?

    Does anybody know any signs of telling the difference between a male or female? Because I just got a new baby Russian that we got 4 days ago and he/she is about 6-10 months old. Can anybody help me I want to use one gender instead of just the antecedent(name) we picked for them “Sonoma”
  6. Tiny baskin'

    Tiny baskin'

    Rémy enjoying a nap at his favorite spot ♡♡♡
  7. Baby Just Arrived

    Baby Just Arrived

    Eastern Box Turtle hatchling within minutes of arrival.
  8. K

    Is this normal behavior? (Baby sulcata)

    hey everyone, I have my baby for about a month now. He (assuming its a he) is still a literal baby. Normally once I turn out the lights at night he just goes to sleep, however tonight I noticed he was kinda just sitting there. He wasn't sleeping because his eyes were open but he wasn't moving...
  9. KeithTheLeopard

    Can my tortoise be away from home?

    Hi, I have a 1 year old leopard tortoise, I go back and forth between my mom and my dads house and I recently set up a second enclosure for him at my dads. Initially, he lived at my moms in a 20 gallon tank, and I gave him the exact same set up at my dads. I’ve heard that with some turtles and...
  10. S

    Closed eye

    Hello everyone! I am not so sure what’s going on I noticed my tortoise has one eye more closed than the other at times. It’s not always sometimes they’re both wide open. I don’t know if that’s normal so I was hoping to get some advice or help. Thank you!
  11. N

    Is my baby tortoise still fine?

    I have had a baby sulcata tortoise for around 7 months now, a month ago I moved it from enclosures, it has heat lamp, food bowl and water dish. Since I've moved it into the new enclosure, I have not seen it eating or drinking (please note this is my first time keeping a baby tortoise). I have...
  12. atx95

    Extra scute questions

    I noticed a extra scute on the rear end of my tort. Is this just cosmetic or could it lead to problems in the future since it’s located above his hind leg? I wasn’t made aware of this when ordering him but I don’t mind, I just want to make sure it won’t be a issue in the future. I was also...
  13. L

    Update on Peggy :)

    After taking Peggy to the vets today they have said that she could possibly have an infection. But there’s still hope! She is being given antibiotics and we’re giving her special food. Things are definitely looking up and I just want to say thank you everyone for all your advice.
  14. M

    baby Hermans questions !! need advice

    Hi, My baby Hermanns is 10 months old and has been doing really well I've had it almost a month now. appetite is good, starting to get more picky hah but I think that's because he knows ill feed him now. he walks around his enclosure and will climb over things in their. he's in a 2x4 tortoise...
  15. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    redfoot hatchling substrate?

    Ok so I found this stuff at menards it looks exactly like coconut coir to me. My plan was to put about 4 inches of this down and then cypress multch on top for a dry layer has anyone else used this stuff before does it work is it safe? Or am I better off just buy eco earth or something like that...
  16. K

    Help please. (not eating)

    I got my russian tortoise this week, one year old approx. He’s been hiding quite a bit which I guessed was because he was getting used to his environment and he was eating fine. I have been giving him daily soaks to keep him hydrated. He would usually eat when I put him in front of food,wander...
  17. westernstar

    Meet Panzer, the Sulcata Tortoise!

    I've been on the forum for a few months now and thought it to be high time that I introduce my little one. As s/he's so young, I don't know and won't know the gender for a long time, so for the purpose of making life simple in typing, I'm going to use the gender-neutral "he" until I know...
  18. Nathan V

    Baby Mediterranean Spur thigh unwell?

    I’ve got a baby Mediterranean Spur thigh tortoise who is about 3 months old. He keeps on opening his mouth and putting his head back in his shell. I did notice a small bubble come out of his nose. He’s has been drinking and eating and hasn’t lost any weight. Can anyone help
  19. Isabel Casiño

    Sudden activity and soaking all day

    My RF King which is about 4-6 months old usually sleeps all day, is up for a few minutes and doesn’t move out of his hide. Today he was active since about 10:40 am to now (3:14 pm) I took him outside because I thought he wanted to go for a walk and play in the grass and after a hour I put him...
  20. S

    Hatchling Sulcata (African Spurred) in Honolulu, Hawaii

    We had an accident and our female Sulcata was a bad girl and got herself in trouble. Now we have baby Sulcatas. Please send me a PM if interested. Must be in Hawaii and have sufficient yard space. Thanks.