1. Shellk

    Rapid pneumonia

    hello everyone, My 2 year old tortoise named Shellk was very active. We had our vet checkup 3 days ago and he was in the best condition he could be. Today he started acting in a very unusual manner. He had constant mucus coming out and was acting like he couldn’t breathe. Eventually I saw a tiny...
  2. rachmodawg

    LONG BUT NEED HELP! Mediterranean Tortoise...winter in NY?? Thoughts from experts??

    Hello! I am very inconsistent with my posting, but you are all so helpful when I have a concern, and I couldn't be more grateful. For background, I have a 1 year old Jordanian Greek named Sgt. Pepper. He is the light of my life, he lives in my living room (forcefully) so my whole family can see...
  3. drew54

    Poor Bones

    I noticed yesterday morning that the floor off his enclosure, well at his level on substrate, was registering 104 while the ambient temp midway up throughout the enclosure was registering 80-85. He had been very lethargic and hadn't eaten in two days. :( I had adjusted the thermostat and the...
  4. D

    Help! Baby tortoise suddenly can't walk properly!

    Hi! I've had my little leopard tortoise for about a month now. He's been doing okay but not as good as I would hope. But today something completely random happened. He stopped lifting himself when he walks now. He seems like he does have the strength to lift himself and walk. This is completely...
  5. D

    Deworming Baby Tortoise

    My baby leopard tortoise is currently undergoing a deworming treatment for 5 days. Im three days into her treatment and I do notice that she has lost her appetite. Yesterday I soaked her in a mixture of pumpkin and butternut squash baby food mixed in with warm water since she hasn't been showing...
  6. M

    HELP! Baby Sulcata has red area on foot/neck [PICS]

    Hello fellow Tortoise lovers! Overly concerned tortoise papa here just trying to get some opinions on my baby Sulcata. His name is herby and he/she is roughly 4 months old. I have recently noticed some slight redness on his front right leg and neck area but no where else have we noticed it. We...
  7. A

    Difficulty with Urates

    Hey guys! So I have a 5-month-old Sulcata named Gilbert. He's doing great, very healthy, energetic, you name it. I have been weaning him onto cut grass instead of just spring mix and clover flowers (which he'd been eating for a bit as he wouldn't eat grass before -- this is now getting fixed...
  8. T

    Guess it's time to update

    So I built my enclosure based upon to Greek tortoise care sheet in this forum but now I'm panicking since there was a recommendation of 50/50 topsoil and play sand. Thus, I'm probably going to be replacing all the substrate as soon as possible, buying and burying more plants and the testudo...
  9. MartinM

    Heir Looms.

    Hello. Noob forum member... I’ve cared for my tortoises since I was about 5 years old. I’m now 38. They have now officially become my “pets”. Although they’ve been around a lot longer than i have. (I think that makes me the pet). They are a living heir loom. They’ve had a tough life...
  10. C

    ~Baby Sulcata~ Dent in the side of the shell and an oblong appearance ..

    All i know is he was hatched in 2017 I'm in the process of requesting more information about it. He was received with a skewed shell and an odd looking "dent" in his shell.. I need to know if this will bubble out into a normal shape or not! He is very active and eats well. His shell is a bit...
  11. kevvmic

    Trouble with food!!!

    Hi all, this is my first post here :D So I have 2 tortoises, one is around 34 years old an another greek tortoise that is 20 months old now. The elder one eats everything, but the youngest one is only eating lettuce. I tried carrots and tomatoes without any success, she just doesn't eat, than...
  12. G

    Horsefield gender difference

    Hello I would love if someone would tell me how to tell the gender of a baby horsefield tortoise I got a baby horsefield in August when it was aged about 7 months and would love to know it's gender if anyone could help me :)
  13. Samyak Dadda

    Need help ASAP! Indian star tortoise not passing urate!!

    Hello! I have a indian star tortoise couple[both are quite small]. Recently the female one has not passed out the white substance [ urate] in her urine for the past 5-6 days. I am really worried about her. I tried feeding her banana and she ate a little but that's it. I give all sorts of greens...
  14. Totally_Tortoise

    Baby sulcata tortoise care tips

    Just any useful care tips for baby sulcatas, like soil type and depth, diet, water dish depth and width and just anything useful! I already know baby sulcata care, i just want more advice.
  15. T

    ...What am I doing wrong?...

    Aloha Everyone. I reside in Hawaii and I bought a 5 month old Leopard Tortoise from the local pet store couple weeks ago. He is not eating and super lethargic; all day he just hides in his little hut. He has been like this for the past 3 days. For the first week I had him in a 10 gal tank...
  16. M

    Please help me

    Just a week ago, i got a sulcata tortoise. He is a month old. When i got him from the breeder, he was lethargic and seemed like he had no life in him, at the time i figured he was just adapting to his new enviroment. He's got a great set up, a large shallow pool, cool hide, moist hide and warmer...
  17. Avery.s

    Many many hermanns questions

    hello! my name is Avery, I'm very new to the tortoise world. I felt very prepared for the little tort to arrive after all my research, right until he actually got here. He (we've been saying he for now) is about two months old and named Allo (picture in my profile pic). my list of questions...
  18. ScStange891

    Blockage/Massive Urate Stone- Cause for alarm?

    Hi, All, Just had a little episode with my Lini today. So he (not sure of gender yet but easier to refer that way) ate some normal breakfast, consisting of spring mix (he likes the dark purple leaves), and probably 2 full small pellets of Mazuri. He then proceeded over to his basking spot and...
  19. luna17

    Baby food for tortoise?

    Hello everyone I was wondering what other people thought about feeding your small tortoise baby food out of a jar. The ingredients on one of them that I have are just two ingredients carrots and water. What do you think?
  20. Anapakalolo

    New sulcata tortoise owner here

    Hi everyone! My name is Ana. I am a happy owner of a 3 month old African Sulcata tortoise that I have named Yoshi. I received him/her today. It is being raised inside until it is big enough to live outside. 1. I was wondering does my tortoise need heat/UVB at night? I live in a tropical...