1. L

    Bigger baby tortoise can = bigger adult?

    Aside from the size as a baby, are there any differences between a big baby tortoise and a small one? Do bigger babies tend to be healthier or be bigger adults (assuming good and equal husbandry and diet) than what a small baby would become as an adult? Is it just better to buy a big baby than a...
  2. BlakeL

    Sick Baby Aldabra

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker of these forums and have finally decided to make an account. Apologies in advance for the long post, I just want to get as much information out there as I can. I live in the Bay Area California, and have two baby tortoises. A Sulcata little over a...
  3. Animalis

    Marginated baby will not eat

    Hi, we found a baby 6cm Marginated Tortoise hurt, holes all over his body and took him home.He is fine, active,not afraid of us,three days now with us..but will not eat.We are in Greece, the weather is not cold yet, I give lettuce and a variety of sprouts I find eating.Is that...
  4. R

    My baby tortoise flipped over... will he be okay?

    So, I'm a new tortoise owner (great way to start off). I have owned three turtles and a month ago I got a baby Greek tortoise. He's about 4 months old, and his name is Atlas. I got him a terracotta plate dish, which was big for his size, but I thought it'd be easier for him to eat out of. I got...
  5. BentoNeko

    Distilled Water? Year old Eastern Boxie Not very Active

    I have a year old female Eastern Box turtle! Here lately she seems to be very lethargic. I went away for about a month and left her in the care of my relatives who started giving her distilled water. I've heard distilled water is very, very bad for them! Could that be why shes been so immobile...
  6. oneilmatt

    Specific Questions About Hatchling Care

    Hi all, I just received a pair of 3-Toed Box Turtles about 2 months ago. These are my first turtles and my first reptiles. This lack of experience is the reason I am posting. I keep them outside in a spacious enclosure, and the female just laid a clutch of eggs about a week ago. I have...
  7. Buddy's little baby feet

    Buddy's little baby feet

    Aren't they adorable!
  8. Meet Buddy

    Meet Buddy

    Buddy is the cutest little guy of the group. Only about 1-3 years old, he's smaller that all the other, but big in heart!
  9. MPappagallo

    Meet Humphrey and Harlowe!

    So excited to show off our new babies, Humphrey and Harlowe! We just got them last night, so we have spent today letting them relax and get to know us a bit. Although they were raised together so far, we are putting them into separate enclosures after a day or two. (We want to let them adjust...
  10. W


    is this a good enclosure for my baby Sulcata? It’s a mixture of cypress mulch, organic top soil, and sphagnum moss. I planted some grass seeds, as well as an aloe plant and 2 other succulents. It stays about 80 degrees in there with the lights on and between 30-50 humidity if i spray it a few...
  11. Stoneman

    I have joined the club :-)

    Check them out, I was finally able to join the club! I was able to snatch them up before anyone else got them. I am excited to have them. I have an issue though. Does the smaller one look like it has a swollen eye? Someone told me they though it could be swelling of the conjunctiva. I...
  12. Princessmariah1

    Baby Leopard Tortoise face turning black

    I have a baby leopard tortoise who we just noticed is turning black! I got her mid September..they said she was about a month old so hatched maybe August sometime? That puts her about 8 or 9 months old I think.
  13. C

    Help on a fireplace enclosure for a baby cherry head

    I've looked through the threads on enclosures for babies and they've been very helpful, but I have a bit of a unique idea in mind and I want to make sure this will work for my prospective tort. I live in a very old house in New Hampshire and I have a large blocked off brick fireplace that I...
  14. Turtmum

    Staying buried?

    Hey everyone, we've had our three toed, Clem, for almost two months now. I've been worried about her recently because she literally stays buried under her substrate all day (and I think night too). At first I thought she might just be nervous in her new habitat, but its been almost two months...
  15. Turtmum

    Normal Eating Amount?

    Is it normal for my three toed to eat so little? I don’t know her exact age, but we suspect she’s under a year (maybe 3 inches from the top of her shell to the bottom). I give her a heaping tablespoon of food every second day (50% protein, 50% veg). I have to dig her up normally, and I put her...
  16. Chapstickglue

    Baby Leopard Losing Weight, Bubble Nose

    Thanks in advance for replies! - Leopard tortoise - ~8 months old - Male - Arrived by overnight shipping 1/17/2019 - Arrived with bubble nose - Currently losing weight His House: - Large wood tortoise table from ReptiMed - UVB light / Ceramic Heater / Blue Heat Bulb / Heat Mat used for...
  17. M

    Baby Sulcata concerns about weight gain

    Hello Everybody! I got my hatchling sulcata, Geode, on September 22, 2018 and today is January 21, 2018. When I got him, he weighed 50.5g and today, four months later, he only weights 59.9g. I was under the impression that slow growth was good for these babies, but after doing so more...
  18. N

    Advice needed

    Hi, so I've recently, accidentally, come into care of what I think is a Russian tortoise. The previous owner abandoned him and I don't know very much about him apart from he's (probably) a boy, around 5 years old, his name is Flynn, he has always been kept indoors and didn't hibernate last year...
  19. Susannadior

    New Desert Tortoise owner from California - hello!

    Hi everyone! I am so happy that I found this forum. I just rescued a 3 month old desert tortoise. We have named him/her Murphy and both my husband and I adore this little guy to death. We live in Southern California (Palm Springs area) and this is our first tortoise. Eager to meet you all and...
  20. Celestenicole

    Green blotch behind baby turtles eye?!?!

    I noticed my three toed box turtle had a green spot behind her right eye a couple days ago and its still here. Is it an infection or could it be grass stains?? Anybody know anything about this???