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Oct 13, 2019
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Hi everyone. I have a yearling Marginated tortoise that I got August 2020 when it was a hatchling.
I did a lot of research before acquiring him and believe I've built a very good temporary indoor encloser for him(until it's big enough to live outside). Seems very healthy and active.

For the last 6 months I bring him outside for fresh air about every month. My GF watches him or I put him in a large wood box I made w/a chicken wire top so he can be in the grass, but still be safe. I would like to do that more often.

*I guess my main concern is that I dont want to stress him out from all the moving. He doesn't seem unhealthy or stressed when I do this. Actually appears to enjoy snacking on weeds/clover and eventually takes a nap. So what do you all think? Should I take him out more often for fresh air and exercise? Or do you think he will become stressed out? All opinions are appreciated.


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Sep 6, 2011
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You can take him out more often. A half hour a day would be fine. If you do this, you don't have to use a uvb inside. As he gets older you can increase the time outside.
Be sure he has shade and water while out.

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