1. H

    Hello everyone

    Nice to meet all of you! I’ve been in love with reptiles since I was a child, I just recently got into raising tortoises. My names Daws, and my best friend here is Penelope! Many people hate her because she’s a petsmart tortoise, I didn’t want to do it but I went it there to buy some Guinea pig...
  2. J

    Female Russian behavior

    Hi I have a one female Russian tortoise and a male Russian tortoise living together in a tank. Neither one of the tortoises have shown aggression to each other they have both been very nice to each other no head banging no ramming of their shell no hissing no biting. The only thing here...
  3. D

    Please help

    Around 2 weeks ago, I found this turtle on the side of the road outside my place, took it in and tried taking care of it (It mostly eats cucumbers and kinda refuses to eat many of the things I put in front of it), it usually wanders around and tends to put its face in front of a wall or just...
  4. 5

    Horsefield tortoise not eating much and (maybe) deformed shell

    Hey all! I have a horsefield (6 months old) He never really eats much apart from dandelions and lambs lettuce which are either hard to get a hold of or not good for him as a routine diet. I think the vitamin powder that I put on his food is what makes him lose his appatite. Also a bit worried...
  5. P

    Help! Feeding oral medication to a head shy Sulcata

    Hi all, My tortoise Abe has come down with the snifflies. The vet went through a general environment check with me and cannot determine anything particular that strikes as causing the runny nose. He is in good spirits and eats well and went for a good run around in the vet office too. But he...
  6. P


    I recently took my 2 year old hermann to the vets (about 4 days ago) as I thought he had a minor respiratory infection. The vet agreed and said he has a mild upper respiratory infection and gave me antibiotics to treat it. I’ve struggled to give him the antibiotics as he is very stubborn and I...
  7. K

    Spots on shell

    Hi there! I’m a new red foot owner. I’ve started to notice what I believe are growth lines on tortilla, I’ve had him for two weeks now. Yesterday while soaking I noticed these white spots on his shell. I’m not sure what they are because it’s not chipped and when it’s wet and after scrubbing...
  8. P

    HELP! My tortoise just pooped this out in the bath :(

    My 2 year old hermann just did this weird liquidy looking poop in the bath. Does anyone know what this is? Should I take him to the vets ASAP? I’m really concerned :( Please help
  9. H

    Help please! (What kind of tortoise is this?)

    I found this tortoise and plan on keeping it I have no clue what kind of tortoise it is looks like a sulcata or desert just not sure I want to buy it proper food and adequate housing.
  10. P

    My tortoise is climbing the walls :(

    Hey ? I’m a first time tortoise owner of 2 weeks and I’m trying to get to know my new 2year old hermann, Tortellini. He weighs 44g and is about 6cm So far I think things have been going well.. he tends to sleep quite a lot, which I’m not sure is normal but when he’s awake he tends to be quite...
  11. V

    Wooden habitat with black mold underneath

    I have a Hermanns, and he is not himself. I was given the tortoise by someone who did not want him any longer. He came in a ZooMed Tortoise House. Given the humidity needs etc it did not seem like the correct habitat. His house is on the floor in the kitchen which is above the garage so it can...
  12. N

    What should I feed my tortoise?

    I recently got a 2 year old Hermann's tortoise and was wondering what their varied diet should consist of. I have been feeding it a mix of lettuce, kale, cucumber, zucchini and bok choy and just found out that bok choy and zucchini aren't good for my tortoise. What are some things I should feed...
  13. Mom of Zitouna

    Help me make my tort's diet please!

    Hi, everyone. I have a little tortoise, I think she is a Greek tortoise and she's probably a baby since she's tiny. She loves lettuce but many told me it's not enough for her. So, I live in a third world country, and we don't have a lot of diverse vegetables available but if anyone could...
  14. G

    AM I A BAD TORT DADDDDD????!helppppp

    So I’ve always wanted a tortoise since I can remember and it’s only been in about the past 3-4 months I’ve seriously considered taking in the responsibility so I started doing research and read about everything I could find on redfoots since they seem easier to keep comfortable for a first...
  15. A

    I need help with redfoot care

    Hey, I need help. I'm taking over care for my little brothers tortoise which has been severely neglected. I'm doing so because I've noticed some issues with poor Alex. Can anyone help me with correcting some of the issues? I'll post pictures and advice will be really nice. Thank you all so much...
  16. N

    Foot burn?

  17. B

    HELP!!! Baby Cherry Head Tortoise Shell Problem!

    I have had my baby cherry head tortoise for a month. I am getting worried about the condition of his shell. He began to have white spots. At first, I thought they were mineral deposits. When I put 50/50 water and vinegar I do not see any reaction. So I don't think they are mineral deposits. When...
  18. HorrorHaru-Redfoot

    I just got my pvc terrarium, but i got som problems.

    I got my new terrarium, but I got some problems. When I orderd my terrarium i thought the builder agreed to set up the lamps but he only brought the lamps, there might have been some communication problems. So the heat lamp and uvb light are still uninstalled, cause im insecure about screwing...
  19. Jayme_3

    Keiko the Sulcata hatchling

    Help! I had been researching Leopard tortoises for some time now and decided that was the best fit for our family.. in my search for a leopard I found a post local to me that just had a photo of a little girl holding two hatchling with no information, just a phone number. I called to find out...
  20. S

    Under shell help!

    Hello everyone, I am new to owning tortoises. Everything has been good so far. I have the correct temp/humidity levels, feed them, provide multivitamin, and calcium. As I was soaking them a week back I noticed this starting to form under there shells. Im pretty worried. I was researching and...