1. A

    Advice good or bad welcome!

    Hi all, in need of advice, I’ve recently taken in a leopard tortoise from someone I know, he’s roughly 4 years old and has some bad pyramiding. He was in a small vivarium and I’ve recently built him a new enclosure. He’s not happy and not coming out but think it’s going to take some getting used...
  2. F

    Recommendations needed

    I am going away for a couple days soon And am worried about my tortoise (Tortellini) as recently she has flipped herself on her back and am worried she will do it when I am away So what I am asking does anyone have any suggestions for a small compact cheap security camera that will keep an eye...
  3. M

    Help with red foot tortoise care

    I am about to get 2 baby red foot tortoises, any tips and advice for them? And what is a good enclosure?
  4. terri_the_tortoise

    Help Needed - Testudo Graeca

    Hello everyone - I'd like to introduce Terri, who we picked up at the end of September and was hoping we could get some advice. She is a Testudo Graeca (Greek Tortoise). She sleeps a lot (as we fully expect her to) but we are starting to think she is sleeping TOO much - as in she will sleep and...
  5. F

    Sudden Tortoise Owner-- How is she Doing?

    Hello all, firstly I just want to say thank you for everyone who posts on this forum, all the information and advice on here has been a lifesaver and I’m so glad I found this site. We just bought a house, and as we’re moving in we saw that the old owners just left their tortoise. They were...
  6. Coconikki

    Worms in substrate

    Hello! I was doing enclosure maintenance on my Leopard Tortoise enclosure this evening and noticed these tiny worms in the substrate under the Orchid bark. They look almost iridescent with a dark line/vein going through their bodies. I have a lens that amplifies photos for my phone so I was able...
  7. A

    Help!! Missing Tortoise!!

    Hiya, I'm new here, so not entirely sure how this works, but I rlly need some help & advice. I have 2, seven year old Mediterranean tortoises, which I keep in a heated greenhouse, with access to an outdoor area. However, one of my tortoise hasn't been seen since yesterday afternoon, in the...
  8. I

    How to upgrade Hermanns enclosure?

    Hi! It's my first time writing on this forum. I got a Hermanns tortoise yesterday and didn't even know I was getting it, so I couldn't prepare properly. This is what I managed to do with things I already had in my house. The tortoise isn't that old yet, it's about 7cm long. How could I improve...
  9. E

    HELP swollen tail

    After his soak i noticed my russians tail was inflamed and swollen. I am very concerned does anyone know what could be causing this?
  10. S

    Help is this shellrot? My Redfoot losing plastron scutes

    I was giving my 3 yr old redfoot a bath and I noticed one of her plastron scutes had fallen off. I was kind of horrified by that but after a lot of research I started immediately treating her with Beta iodine and a topical skin cream. I also used Chlorhexidine diluted to clean the area scrubbing...
  11. J

    First time tortoise owner with 2 cherry heads needs advice

    Hello, My wife and I got 2 cherry heads (Cherry (F) and Berry (M)) 6 months ago we really like them and things have be going well so far (the forums have been very helpful). They are currently in a 2'x4' enclosure and I'm getting ready to build them a larger one. Reading that they...
  12. R

    Greek Tortoise Not very Active but Eats regularly

    Hello Everyone, I joined the forum a while back but this is my first time posting. This will be a long and detailed post, hope you can bear with me! I got a Greek tortoise from a pet shop back in January, I called her Nina. I don’t know how old she is, because pet shops here in Saudi Arabia...
  13. J

    I need help reworking my knowledge of tortoises.

    I've been a tortoise owner for over a year and am honestly embarrassed by my many mistakes. After discovering a recent post about tortoises, I found I have the perfect new enclosure for her with suitable dimensions. The issue is I still have many questions to perfect my tortoise care, and I need...
  14. E

    New Russian tort advice welcome

    Hi Copper the tortoise has just joined the family. He's the first ever pet and its a steep learning curve. I know as he grows he'll need more room and that's not a problem. For now he's in a 1m×.5m glass Terrarium. The substrate is soil and bark, was half and half. He wasn't happy so I took...
  15. Kayleigh Smith

    Help finding exotic vet near me

    I have a 2 year old greek tortoise who i have never taken to the vet and i want to give her yearly check ups or an emergency vet place nearby does anybody know exotic vets that take tortoises near south williamsport or williamsport pa? Im really nervous because she recently hurt herself and i...
  16. J

    Help needed

    What’s this on my tortoises shell? Help? My horse field tortoise is 13, I was just giving her/him (not sure on gender lol) a bath and noticed this on there shell, he’s been pretty lazy the last few days just sleeping and not really eating. Not sure if it’s maybe abit of shell rot? Or just a...
  17. SArchieIII

    Educate me: what causes vitamin A deficiency?

    Hello, I posted for the first time recently about my baby Russian having Vitamin A deficiency. I have been given info about temperatures (I believe I was using the "standard ones" which were not specific to babies) so I have increased the temps accordingly and waiting to add a CHE stolen from my...
  18. Emilyheartt0rtoises

    Tortoise Wanted

    Hello! I would be interested in Either a Greek tortoise or Hermann's tortoise (Would also be interested in any tortoise that doesn't get too big) I am located in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you breed tortoises yourself or know of any suitable breeders (In New Zealand) feel free to send me a...
  19. C

    Swollen cloaca?

    HI EVERYONE! Yesterday evening I noticed my 1.5 year old gopherus agassizii tortoise had a swollen cloaca. I palpated the area and there does not appear to be anything hard stuck inside. He or she is still able to pee as far as I have seen (haven't seen them poop first hand but there are poops...