1. N

    Foot burn?

  2. B

    HELP!!! Baby Cherry Head Tortoise Shell Problem!

    I have had my baby cherry head tortoise for a month. I am getting worried about the condition of his shell. He began to have white spots. At first, I thought they were mineral deposits. When I put 50/50 water and vinegar I do not see any reaction. So I don't think they are mineral deposits. When...
  3. HorrorHaru-Redfoot

    I just got my pvc terrarium, but i got som problems.

    I got my new terrarium, but I got some problems. When I orderd my terrarium i thought the builder agreed to set up the lamps but he only brought the lamps, there might have been some communication problems. So the heat lamp and uvb light are still uninstalled, cause im insecure about screwing...
  4. Jayme_3

    Keiko the Sulcata hatchling

    Help! I had been researching Leopard tortoises for some time now and decided that was the best fit for our family.. in my search for a leopard I found a post local to me that just had a photo of a little girl holding two hatchling with no information, just a phone number. I called to find out...
  5. S

    Under shell help!

    Hello everyone, I am new to owning tortoises. Everything has been good so far. I have the correct temp/humidity levels, feed them, provide multivitamin, and calcium. As I was soaking them a week back I noticed this starting to form under there shells. Im pretty worried. I was researching and...
  6. T

    Help? Sulcata found in the desert

    Hello. My husband was out hunting this weekend and happened upon an adult sulcata in the desert of AZ. (Maybe 45-50 lbs? 2 feet wide) His brother also came across him in the same area when he had been scouting earlier that week. The tortoise is very friendly and came right up to them and...
  7. tazpjm

    Travelling tortoise

    Hello, I'm going to go away for a month this December and I dont know whether or not I should bring my tortoise. Where I'm going is cold and I worry about her neing sick, but I also cant find a pet hotel or a babysitter. Is there anything I can do?
  8. N

    Blind res won’t eat HELP

    I just got her she’s 1 inch 1/8 and she won’t eat I put my hand in front of her face and shake it all crazy and she doesn’t even notice I’m pretty sure shes Blind, constantly running into things and filter , but she won’t eat I’ve tried hand feeding and only got her to eat one shrimp any ADVICE ?
  9. T

    Russian Tortoise enclosure

    Hello friends, I am a beginner tortoise owner. I built this enclosure for my new russian tortoise. what do you guys think? Does it look suitable for a russian tortoise?
  10. T

    Searching for Sulcata help

    Hey y’all, My name is Tyler, and I am a fairly avid reptile keeper, but a first time Sulcata owner. I have had my current Sulcata (Bruce) for just under a year. I got him in October of 2020, when he was 4 months old. I know all Sulcatas grow differently, but Bruce and his lack of growth is...
  11. Sploogd

    Age estimate and shell care?

    Hi everyone this is my tortoise Anastasia. Can anyone tell me what age she is? I’m guessing 6-ish? And is the white marks on her shell shell rot. I got her in may. she’s on a diet of kale and various vegetables if that helps.
  12. F

    Nonstop mating noises and Ejaculation

    My tort has been making non stop sex noises and tries to mate with everything. He ejaculates everywhere and my family is getting tired of cleaning up tortoise semen. This has gone on for months now. It’s gotten to a point where he’ll stop eating if he spots anything that he thinks he can mate...
  13. L

    My tortoise just flipped over please help

    Just a few minutes ago I put my tortoise in her tub for a soak and left to do a bit of work and lost track of time , I quickly ran out of the house and found her on her back, I put her right and started to get worried so I asked my mum if we could go to the vet but she refused saying that its...
  14. D

    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    Hi! I recently have taken in three sulcata’s who are said to be around 4 year’s old. My issue right now with them is that they are COVERED in ticks. When I say covered I mean I’ve probably picked and killed around 30 ticks in the last 24 hours. I’ve been picking them off carefully between...
  15. Mizena01

    Advice please

    Hi everyone, Could you please all offer advice… this evening I found what I thought was our little tort choking on a long piece of green leaf, which seemed to be caught in her mouth and throat. I immediately panicked, and seeing she was trying to hook at it with her arm, I jumped to help and...
  16. A

    Baby Russian tortoise - not opening eyes much

    Hello, I am hoping for some help with what could be causing my Russian tortoise (Sheldon) to act this way and how best I can help him. I have booked a vets appointment but it’s 5 days away and I’m worried he will be suffering. Bit of background - I got Sheldon from a pet shop locally, I wasn’t...
  17. Toasty096

    Shell rot

  18. bloodyapa

    Possible RI? 2 month old Indian star baby

    I recently got this little guy from a local breeder. He eats his food and goes back to his hide daily. however, I noticed he has watery nose and sometimes a bubble or two from the nose and he opens his mouth sometimes to breath. 88 humidity 85 heat 98 basking I have the enclosure closed for...
  19. Ruszian Tortoise

    Temporary Enclosure: Big Metal Tub? Help!

    Hello! Long story short, my tortoise can’t be in her regular enclosure for the next 18 or so hours. To avoid having to have her stay in a smallish cardboard box, I found this. It’s pretty old, but sturdy looking. I think I remember hearing that one of these tubs (it was with two others) was, a...
  20. D

    Tortoise Help - Is my tortoise sick?

    Hi guys! So i have a tortoise that lives in my garden ( soil there is no grass atm) Anyways my tortoise is active and very fast! but recently (4 days ago) she started sleeping for too long! like a day and half at the same spot, while sleeping her head isn’t completely inside. In the last two...