1. Mizena01

    Advice please

    Hi everyone, Could you please all offer advice… this evening I found what I thought was our little tort choking on a long piece of green leaf, which seemed to be caught in her mouth and throat. I immediately panicked, and seeing she was trying to hook at it with her arm, I jumped to help and...
  2. A

    Baby Russian tortoise - not opening eyes much

    Hello, I am hoping for some help with what could be causing my Russian tortoise (Sheldon) to act this way and how best I can help him. I have booked a vets appointment but it’s 5 days away and I’m worried he will be suffering. Bit of background - I got Sheldon from a pet shop locally, I wasn’t...
  3. Toasty096

    Shell rot

  4. bloodyapa

    Possible RI? 2 month old Indian star baby

    I recently got this little guy from a local breeder. He eats his food and goes back to his hide daily. however, I noticed he has watery nose and sometimes a bubble or two from the nose and he opens his mouth sometimes to breath. 88 humidity 85 heat 98 basking I have the enclosure closed for...
  5. Ruszian Tortoise

    Temporary Enclosure: Big Metal Tub? Help!

    Hello! Long story short, my tortoise can’t be in her regular enclosure for the next 18 or so hours. To avoid having to have her stay in a smallish cardboard box, I found this. It’s pretty old, but sturdy looking. I think I remember hearing that one of these tubs (it was with two others) was, a...
  6. D

    Tortoise Help - Is my tortoise sick?

    Hi guys! So i have a tortoise that lives in my garden ( soil there is no grass atm) Anyways my tortoise is active and very fast! but recently (4 days ago) she started sleeping for too long! like a day and half at the same spot, while sleeping her head isn’t completely inside. In the last two...
  7. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is Sharpie OK?

    Hi all! I wanted to decorate the outside of my indoor wooden enclosure. Is Sharpie okay? No toxic fumes? Thanks
  8. Jackdean02

    Weird plastron?

    Hi guys, was giving my young Russian tortoise a bath today and noticed a bit of muck on his plastron, I gently washed it off and noticed he has two little dents on each side and it doesn’t look right to me. Any suggestions of what it might be?
  9. For Love of Everything Shell

    Posting for a free tortoise in need of rehoming on “Nextdoor” app ?

    I just found this advertisement for a “free tortoise needing rehoming”. I asked the lady to pull her ad, and to list the little fella(s ?) on this forum and ... I provided her the website and my cell phone. Just in case... I hope she contacts me back and I hope to help guide her to one of the...
  10. L

    He wont eat!!

    (species- forest hinge back)hello, i just got my first ever tortoise a few days ago, he came form a farm and was caught, the farmer said he eats ugbono fruit, but there was a small problem, I fed him a varied diet of cucumbers,cabbage,apples and bannanas but he wont even eat it,my mom even gave...
  11. V

    Help! I don’t know what to do!

    Hi there. I’ve had my sweet tortoise for about a year and a half now. I love him so so so much, and I’ve done so much research and tried my very best to care for him the best I can. But lately, he doesn’t seem right. He won’t eat, doesn’t want to even come out of his hide anymore. His eye...
  12. K

    Help my Box turtle

    Hello, I hope you all are having a good day. My box turtle is not active and has not been eating much. Once in a while, he will eat a worm, but that's it. His setup is a large square "pool" with dirt logs some leaves a fern and a water bowl. I've tried berries, but he just does not eat. Any...
  13. A

    Sulcata tortoises tail stuck

    Now we’ve had sulcatas for years but one of our 4 1/2 year olds was eating just fine one day then stopped the next we weren’t to worried about it at first but then it turned into a whole week! So we started looking him over and offering treats hoping that he was just getting tired of Romain...
  14. B

    Red foot tortoise white spots help

    Hey guys, this is my first thread here, i have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my red foot shell it has some white dots some are bigger than other, I tried scrubbing with a toothbrush gently and some would go away but when the tortoise is dry they appear again with no change. I want...
  15. Aaru.


    I have a star tortoise. It's my first time and i don't know his age as it was previously owned by someone else. He seems comfortable in the new environment and is friendly with all of us but i have noticed during his meal he makes a choking kind of sound. It happens once or twice every time he...
  16. H

    Tortoise Screech / scream whilst in bath

    Hi I’ve had my baby Red foot tortoise for about a month now and recently he’s started screeching / screaming in the bath and retracts into his shell. I do his water warm but not too hot. And only up to the start of his shell. I monitor him throughout the day regularly and I’ve never seen him do...
  17. T

    What kind of tortoise???

    not sure the species of the tortoise I have? Any help on identifying him would be gladly appreciated!
  18. I

    What plant is this???

    This looks like a very interesting plant and I think my tortoise would love it I just don't know what it is and I kinda don't wanna just give it to her. Anyone have a clue what it is?
  19. PiL71

    Wood protectant

    Hello - I've been off and on planning a final enclosure for my Russian, Herb. I've had some run ins with people on here before, so I'd really appreciate only help, no harm (unless the harm is for the safety of the tort) As everyone here knows, tortoises can eventually scratch thru wood sealant...
  20. AllieKat1997

    Help Sexing Musk Turtle

    I was curious of my yearling stinkpot musk turtle gender. I tried to find forums and figure it out but I’m totally stumped on how to sex them. Any ideas on if mine is a male or female? Thanks!