1. C

    Swollen cloaca?

    HI EVERYONE! Yesterday evening I noticed my 1.5 year old gopherus agassizii tortoise had a swollen cloaca. I palpated the area and there does not appear to be anything hard stuck inside. He or she is still able to pee as far as I have seen (haven't seen them poop first hand but there are poops...
  2. Leomama422

    Shell rot?

    Just started recently noticing this. Is this shell rot? If so how do I treat it?
  3. elel

    Tortoise not eating?

    Hey! Lately I've become quite concerned of my tortoise ): We took him out of hibernation 8 days ago on sunday. On sunday he seemed usual to me, like what he's always been after hibernation. He went in his water container, drank some and then went to sleep, wasn't awake too much. Now he has eaten...
  4. tazpjm


    Hi, I was playing with my tortoise and I noticed her nail gone. I have no idea how it happened and what to do. Please help.
  5. JaimeJPC_PR

    Baby Redfoot, indoor enclosure UVB

    I have a question regarding an Arcadia T5 D3+ Desert 12%. I have one installed in my RedFoot enclosure, that is about 15 inches high (Following the Arcadia introduction In my current setup I put the light on top of the Exo Terra Large...
  6. L

    Bouncing back from worming treatments

    Hey, Both torts successfully worm free. My question is how long to let them recover before winding down for hibernation? Younger is still chomping away but older is properly off her food as she knows it's wind down time, feel bad trying to get her to eat everyday 🥺 Lizzie
  7. C

    8 month hermman foaming at mouth and bobbing head in and out of shell. Help

    My Hermmans tortoise (about 8 months old) isn't eating for days (about 4 or 5 days) now and it is foaming at the mouth and taking its head in and out of its shell fast continuously. Seems to be struggling to walk. Dragging back legs. (Have had my tort for 4 months so far & its is supposed to...
  8. I

    Tortoise May Have Inhaled Some Water

    Hello everyone. I had a different thread about this but no one answered this question that I asked and I need answers ASAP. I have a tortoise that is sick and he does not any food and I was syringe feeding him some soaked pellets and water through his mouth (usually 0,5ml water a time). I am...
  9. C


    I have a seven year old Sulcata who’s never had any health issues. He lives in an outdoor enclosure during the summers. Eats weeds and grass and has a deep burrow he sleeps in. It’s been storming here and I brought him in on the porch to ride out the storm. While he was on the porch he ate the...
  10. P

    Spur Thigh Hatchling with crease in belly shell

    Hi, I have incubated 7 spur thigh eggs, 5 have hatched within 72hrs of each other, 4 look healthy but one took a little longer than the others to get out of its egg and it has a deep crease in the underside of its shell. Is this a deformity or will it straighten out now it’s out of the egg...
  11. H


    Hi so my sister was watching my tortoise Casey and let him outside and was supervising him.I guess she got distracted or sm Bc she lost him and I’m absolutely devastated.I was not there when he went missing and only got the call that he was 3 hours after.I’ve been looking for him for 4 days by...
  12. T

    Sick Sulcata - Needing Help Fast

    Hello, We are new here, but are needing some help with our baby sulcata tortoise who isn't doing well. My boyfriend and I purchased a tortoise, who is named Rocky, in May of this year, and was told that he was 8 weeks old (making him 4 months old now), and he seemed to be doing fine up until...
  13. Melodieyy

    Baby Hermans tortoise basking temp

    Hello, I purchased a baby hermanns tortoise this weekend from the reptile convention I went to and I was wondering what her basking temps should be at? I’ve seen so many variations but I want to be sure that I get it right. I’ve seen 90-95 but I’ve also seen 95-100. What should it be? She is...
  14. tazpjm

    Constipated tortoise

    Hello everybody, my tortoise hasn't pooped in 1 week. Everytime she pees the excreting urate doesn't come out, and she tries to poop sometimes but it doesn't go out and today i gave her a warm bath and she didnt poop, she has also been unactive. I wonder if my baby tortoise has a problem with...
  15. healingTortz

    Hello everyone

    Nice to meet all of you! I’ve been in love with reptiles since I was a child, I just recently got into raising tortoises. My names Daws, and my best friend here is Penelope! Many people hate her because she’s a petsmart tortoise, I didn’t want to do it but I went it there to buy some Guinea pig...
  16. J

    Female Russian behavior

    Hi I have a one female Russian tortoise and a male Russian tortoise living together in a tank. Neither one of the tortoises have shown aggression to each other they have both been very nice to each other no head banging no ramming of their shell no hissing no biting. The only thing here...
  17. D

    Please help

    Around 2 weeks ago, I found this turtle on the side of the road outside my place, took it in and tried taking care of it (It mostly eats cucumbers and kinda refuses to eat many of the things I put in front of it), it usually wanders around and tends to put its face in front of a wall or just...
  18. 5

    Horsefield tortoise not eating much and (maybe) deformed shell

    Hey all! I have a horsefield (6 months old) He never really eats much apart from dandelions and lambs lettuce which are either hard to get a hold of or not good for him as a routine diet. I think the vitamin powder that I put on his food is what makes him lose his appatite. Also a bit worried...
  19. P

    Help! Feeding oral medication to a head shy Sulcata

    Hi all, My tortoise Abe has come down with the snifflies. The vet went through a general environment check with me and cannot determine anything particular that strikes as causing the runny nose. He is in good spirits and eats well and went for a good run around in the vet office too. But he...
  20. P


    I recently took my 2 year old hermann to the vets (about 4 days ago) as I thought he had a minor respiratory infection. The vet agreed and said he has a mild upper respiratory infection and gave me antibiotics to treat it. I’ve struggled to give him the antibiotics as he is very stubborn and I...