Does anyone know this turtle keeper from Panama City, FL?

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Jul 31, 2018
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The article linked below mentions Mickey Fox, who lives with his wife, Brigetti, on Fox Avenue in a suburb of Panama City, Florida.

Looters after Hurricane Michael bring neighbors together

The article isn't about turtles, but this excerpt is the reason I am mentioning it here:

"This is all I got, right here," he said, ... patting his dog, Chopper, on the head. His cat Milky sat in a tree nearby, but his beloved turtle tank — which he proudly showed off to curious neighborhood kids — blew away in the storm.

(Emphasis mine.)

I realize there's probably no shortage of turtle and tortoise keepers affected, even devastated, by Hurricane Michael. For the survivors, is there anything we can do to help with temporary housing or supplies for the turtles and tortoises?

Also, the article did not mention the fate of the turtle(s). Does anyone know this turtle keeper and what happened with the turtle or turtles? If he used to show off his turtle tank to neighborhood kids, you know this is important to him.

Any updates or thoughts on this one?

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