Egyptian for sale

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Nov 10, 2013
I need to sell my four year-old Egyptian. He/she is healthy, a big eater. I will be moving in the next 6-8 months into a smaller home/yard and I am choosing to keep and focus on my three Burmese mountains. Also, in all fairness/justice to this highly endangered breed, I would like to see this one with a breeder. I am not sure of the gender. I have my guess but I do not want my guess to influence a buyer's decision. I live in Fresno, CA. I have received torts by mail but I have never mailed one and I do not want to begin with this one. So, a buyer would have be able to come here to pick up. Also, I need some information from the prospective buyer, including acknowledgment that you already have Egyptians, photos of your habitat, etc. Thank you.
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