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Jun 6, 2020
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Hi new here.
I have just inherited a elongated 13 year old tortoise in UK. She's in a vivarium and I just wondered if anyone can tell me much about her care? As can't seem to find much on this species in captivity in the uk.
Also how much would she be worth if I decided not to keep her I would have no idea? Many thanks to any replys
Aug 15, 2019
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North Carolina
Hey shoeshine and welcome to the forum!

I have only cared for a single elongated hatchling for about 5 months now so I am not an expert by any means. That being said my research into the matter indicates that elongateds, which come from the Burma/Mynamar region, are primarily a forest dwelling species which gives them access to more broad leaf plants than grasses, fallen fruits, and even carrion when available. There is a research paper by Flora Ihlow that you could search for on the feeding ecology of elongateds detailing some of those facts in better detail.

Like you mentioned there really isn't a dedicated care sheet specifically for elongated tortoises, so instead I have been following care sheets for other forest dwelling species, like Redfoots or Yellowfoots.
A YouTuber by name Kamp Kenan does have an elongated care guide but it is not detailed enough in my opinion.

I would suggest reading up on redfoot care guides, trying to make good informed decisions, and always try and follow general tortoise husbandry practices that you can easily find on this forum!

P.S. If you can post some pictures I, and I'm sure others, would love to see your new elongated.

iAmCentrochelys sulcata

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Aug 10, 2019
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I Watch Kamp Kenan, he provides controversial information. He does right for his adult tortoises but for the hatchlings he doesn’t keep them as it should so I wouldn’t take the advice. He keeps Sulcatas,Redfoots, and elongated tortoises together in a Tortoise Table. That’s saying something...

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