Food prep.


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May 24, 2016
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Los Angeles
I noticed some owners prepare fresh food for their boxies. Do you make it in one big batch and freeze it for later?

I have just one turtle and he eats so little when I make him a salad. I would not like to waste food. Sometimes I share my food that I'm eating (fruits/cooking veggies at dinner) since I'm already using them. So some days he doesn't have a set dinner time.

Also, it's always been a grey area as to how often to feed my turtle.

How often do you feed yours?

Do you always include the proper ratio of protein, veggies and fruits with each meal? Can I do protein one day, fruit/veggie on another day etc?

He's been captive his whole life and cannot hunt on his own and waits for food to be served. He seems hungry all the time.


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Jan 19, 2016
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Lehigh Valley Pa
i do make a big batch and freeze it. Trying different things, but yellow/orange veggies are good for them, Romaine chopped tiny, there are some recipes on this page, you just have to look for them. I feed every other day or every 3rd day. When i feed earthworms, my vet told me to let them sit in water for a little while so they get rid of the dirt in the containers, bc it can cause impactions. then you can feed the worm. When i feed worms i know they are not going to eat veggies that day.


Apr 11, 2016
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I feed my boxies the same food I prepare for my tegu a lot of the time. It's a ground turkey blended with a lot of fruits and veggies. I make about 6-7 lbs at a time and freeze it. Frozen food is fine but it starts to loose nutritional value after about three months, if I remember right.
If I have time this week I'll post how I make it.