fungus, or what?


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Dec 6, 2018
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hoping for hints: I lost Turtle outside last winter (Oct-Mar 2021). I think he didn't bury himself deep enough & lost top layer of scutes due to 5-6 freezing nites. Found him, brought him back in house. He was fine until July when black areas started growing at borders of scutes. Member on Facebk group (Box Turtle Owners) said it was fungus. Took him to vet who gave me silver sulfadiazine cream but black areas have gotten bigger. He acts ok & shell is firm, tho he Never eats greens & hides from any light, so his UV light exposure is minimal. What do these black areas look like to you? DSCN1470 2


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Jan 23, 2008
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No, that's all new keratin. The old shell was damaged along with the bone under it. That part died and new keratin grew under the dead parts. The dead eventually popped off exposing all the new. Too bad he can't talk. I'd bet he has quite the story to tell.

The black is just his new design, or pattern. Absolutely nothing to worry about.