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Jun 26, 2014
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West Warwick, Rhode Island
I posted about a week ago about 3 tortoises I recently got, 2 Russians and a Greek. The Greek has bad MBD and I'm not sure if there's anything besides the normal care I should be doing for him. He has his heat lamp with a basking spot of about 90, UVB light, humidity is usually around 70, it drops to about 50 sometimes and we spray it 2 times a day and I make sure the substrate is a little damp so it's not ashy. I give him his greens, romaine hearts, kale, he loves strawberries and prickly pear. I also have a calcium bone and I sprinkle calcium with d3 on his veggies every day. I can't take him outside now because we live in RI and it's too cold. He walks ok, it seems like sometimes his back legs are a little limp but he gets around just fine and he runs to his dish when I go into the room lol. I've never seen a tort move so quick! His tail is also kind of curved under him with a spur I believe it's called at the tip and it catches the moss in the cage so I have to pull it out from between his tail otherwise he's walking around with a clump of moss stuck to him. Not sure if the tail is normal or due to MBD. Any suggestions on anything else I could or should be doing? Will this shorten his life span?

Gillian M

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Aug 28, 2014
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Welcome to the forum and good liuck with you sweet little tort.