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Apr 12, 2016
I have an non functioning incubator that box turtle eggs with 2 in process of hatching. This was just dumped on me. I have corrected the incubator situation.
I have never had hatchlings. One is totally out of the shell.
Question#1 what do I do now??
Leave in the incubator for a little while?
I have a habitat to put them in but what substrate should they be on? Humidity? Temps?
First picture is now. Second picture is other incubator that isn't working.


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Feb 27, 2020
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You have to get the hatched one off of the white perlite might eat them, which will be deadly. It would be preferable to change to dampened vermiculite while the others finish incubating and pip out. Don't turn any eggs from how they have been incubating...the babies are hanging from the top of the eggs. Pick up and move the eggs exactly as they are lying right now.

Put hatchlings in a deep container with a thick layer of wet paper towels. Keep this container in the incubator. Change the wet towels as they soil. Once the yolk sacs are digested away and the plastrons are sealed, you can set them up like this:

There are written care sheets here:

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