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Feb 23, 2016
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Hi there,
So about 2 weeks ago I moved home from an appartmemt. I moved my Hermanns tortoise as well but didn’t change anything. His diet. His temps. His everything stayed the same. And he just hid away. Which is totally normal for him when I change out his substrate so I didn’t look too deep into it. Well he’s been out twice now in two weeks. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t bask. He doesn’t drink. I tried bathing him more in case that did soemthjng and no. I think he’s hibernating and idk how to stop it. He wasn’t prepared for hibernation so i don’t think he should be put into it if that makes sense. Should I be leaving him alone? Bringing up the heat? Vet? Please advice is needed

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Jan 23, 2008
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I don't know anything about Hermanni care, but if I don't want a tortoise to hibernate, I have to make him think it's still summer, with long daylight hours and warm environment. I also take him out of hiding and place him in front of the food several times a day. Wouldn't hurt to soak him daily also.

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