Humidity; ReptiRain or ReptiFogger


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Apr 9, 2012
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I posted this in the species specific forum but looking to see if anyone here can help me too :)

I know there's a bunch of posts about humidity on here but I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience using either the ZooMed ReptiRain misting system or the ZooMed ReptiFogger.

I have a T. graeca ibera and he's about 5 and a half years old now and I'm having some trouble retaining moisture in his enclosure. The humidity gauge usually reads around 65% but with our combination of forest floor bedding and soil we are finding that it still dries out really quickly and since Bowser is quite active he kicks up the dry dirt & it is spreading all over our house leaving a nice brown layer of dust/dirt on every surface imaginable! SO we are looking at getting a more consistent misting system rather than us spraying it down every couple of days, if anyone's used either one of the above mentioned products we would greatly appreciate your advice and feedback!

Thank you!



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Jul 8, 2015
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Hey Marisol!

We have the ReptiFogger and it's pretty good. It's attached to ZooMed's humidity and temperature controller and we keep it around 85%. As a backup, we have a digital humidity sensor in his covered area and it reads about 90% or so. It pretty much keeps everything nice and moist... you can see how moist the entrance to his house is after a day or so. Overall, I think it gets the job done.