If my tortoise naps on me is that a sign of trust?


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Jun 8, 2016
That's lovely. I certainly think it is a really good thing to encourage your tortoise to accept and enjoy human contact - not just tolerate it to get food. Not all tortoises will put up with it- I know a lady who hatched a sulcata baby, and although she really loved it, the tortoise seemed to hate her, and peed every time she picked it up - but didn't pee or object much to anyone else picking it up.
If our Hermanns tortoise is eating, he will leave his food and come running to me, which I consider a great compliment ! It sounds like your Sally is a very friendly and trusting girl, which must be thanks to your care - that's great.
Sally doesn't like to be hand-fed. She is a picky eater and she is fed in her aquarium and if you come in she will stop eating till you are gone. It's amazing that they all have different personalities

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