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Nov 18, 2011
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Job Opening- Description: A technician position is available in the Davenport lab to assist in surveys of alligator snapping turtles (Macrochelys temminckii) in west Tennessee.

The technician’s primary duties will be to maintain trapping arrays across the five tributaries of the Mississippi River. The field season will be from April-September in Tennessee. The technician will also assist a graduate student with their thesis research on the spatial ecology of alligator snapping turtles. The technician will regularly interact with biologists from the TN Wildlife Agency and the TN Aquarium Conservation Institute. The position begins in April 2017. All lodging at field stations is covered.

Qualifications: Prospective applicants should have prior experience in field biology, demonstrate good communication skills, lift 50 lbs, and be willing to work in humid environments. Prior experience with turtle trapping and drawing blood from turtles is preferred but not required. The applicant must also possess at least B.S. in biology with a GPA >3.0, ecology or wildlife biology, a valid driver’s license, boat safety training certification, and a vehicle capable of pulling a small boat.

Application materials: Interested applicants should email the following items to Dr. Jon Davenport ([email protected]) by March 15: 1) cover letter detailing past research experience and professional goals, 2) CV or resume, and 3) 2 references.

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