My First Ibera Greeks!


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Jun 12, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
Well, I have decided that I also want to breed a variety of sub-species of Greek Tortoise in addition to my Russians. I'm acquiring "pairs" as babies with different parents, that I will raise to breed when they are big enough (which I know will take about 4-5 years). This will be both a small business and future retirement venture/dream for me.

My first pair just arrived this morning! The male is "Orion" (hatched July 7th), who is named after the great Huntsman in Greek Mythology and was given a Constellation in the stars. The female is "Selene" (hatched July 13), named after the Titan Goddess of the moon.

These were purchased from Garden State Tortoise/Chris Leone.

Orion and Selene are the Asia Minor Tortoise (Testudo graeca ibera) sub-species, also known as the "Northern Turkey Ibera Greek." Both sets of parents were imported from western Turkey, so they are about as pure as one can get.

Both babies arrived alert and look very healthy. They have been soaked (and Orion drank), weighed and measured, have a fresh dish of food, fresh water, and are getting used to their new enclosure. I'll build them a tortoise table this weekend that they can grow into (5' x 2').

Orion is currently 2" and weighed 21g upon arrival.
Selene is almost 2" and weighed 18g upon arrival.

Now to find a baby female for my Mesopotamian (terrestris) male, "Apollo!" [emoji56]PicsArt_08-17-03.58.43.jpegPicsArt_08-17-03.59.39.jpeg20180817_122536.jpegIMG_20180817_103325.jpeg20180817_103627.jpeg20180817_103714.jpeg20180817_100852.jpeg