Nearing end of hatching season for the Galapagos Tortoise Alliance


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Jan 17, 2012
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This week I just hatched this baby. The smallest baby Galapagos I have hatched weighing in at 58g right out of the egg. This one came from a 1st time producer for the GTA - the dam being a pure C vicina. As her first clutch sometimes the eggs are smaller. This one was from an 81G egg. Most eggs tend to be in the 90G - 125g range depending upon the female. We do track all egg weights and then relate initial egg weight to hatch weight. Like to see it in the 70% range. This baby is therefore 71.6% of original egg weight at hatching.


For perspective I put the new hatchling with 3 others from a few of the previous clutches this year.
Top Right - Hatched April 14, 2022 now 198g.
Top Left - Hatched May 2
Middle Left - Hatched May 30
Bottom Left - Yesterday's baby - June 29.

They do grow fast!

4 galap babies.jpg

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