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Need help for a found turtle


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Mar 14, 2017
First of all, hello everyone, friends of turtles around the world.

I recently moved to a new place, I live in Taïwan (this is important for life conditions of turtles I heard)
We found a turtle that her previous owner left behind, she caught a cold apparently but she is still under treatment (I went to see a doctor for animals).

She already feel a bit better as she starting to move around and eat some of the stuff the doctor gave us.

Could you help me improve her quality of life? I don't want to let her in a random park or river, even if there's already many turtles living freely around.

So my questions are :
- What specie is it? I've heard about graptemys, but I think you guys trully are more expert in that field.
- What does it eat? Same as before, I've heard that this specie is omnivorous, eat green veggies but also small shrimps (without shell), pieces of ham ...
- What water/tank/lamp ?
- Any other attention?

She (I say she because turtle is a female word in french, might be a male) really enjoy the sunlight, so each time it's sunny, I put our tank on a place where she can sunbathe all she wants, protected from rain and with a small broken flower-pot if she needs shadow. She already have place out of water, a few pieces of wood and clean water.

Thank you all for any advices!

Just after, pictures of "her".

Yvonne G

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Jan 23, 2008
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Clovis, CA
Hi, and welcome to the Forum!

I'm not real good with water turtles, but it looks like one of the map species. Let's send a shout-out to @tortadise @Markw84


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Jan 17, 2012
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Yes, that is a map turtle. Actually a Mississippi map turtle Graptemys pseudogeographica kohni

I have several and really like these turtles. However, they tend to be a rather shy and skittish turtle. Yours looks to be in it's first year of growth, so too young to sex. If it is a male, it will develop a distinctively large, long tail - as maps turtle males really have large tails in comparison to their size. Males will only get 4.5" - 5" in length when fully grown, while a female will reach 10".

Instead of typing out all the care info, here is a link to a great website with care info for your species of turtle. Read that over, and come back if you have any additional questions.

I use Mazuri aqutic turtle diet as the main diet of these turtles, and they thrive on these pellets. It is really a well balanced diet, and will do quite well on them as their diet. I give worms, shrimp, boiled chicken as an occasional treat just to get them used to coming over to me - as that is difficult with the shy maps.


Good luck with your turtle!

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