North Carolina Turtle Law


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Sep 5, 2011
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For those who have been following this thread over the past few years, we are very close to seeing the law repealed the ban against buying and selling Turtles/Tortoises in North Carolina. The repeal of the law from 1977 is close to being implemented. North Carolina is going to go back to the 1972 federal law prohibiting the sale of any Turtle/Tortoise under 4". That means anything larger than 4" will be legal in NC. As we know, we have been skirting this issue at reptile shows and expos for a long time. USFWS usually turns their eye to the sale of smaller species because of how long it takes for a turtle or tortoise to reach 4" The majority of the sales are not sold as pets but as conservation and propogation of species desired. We have used the disclaimer not sold as pets but for educational and research purposes for a reason. Hopefully the sale of turtles and tortoises will begin in the Spring. My representative said it has already passed the public comment period and should be good to go in the next couple of months. Very exciting news.