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Northern Ibera Greek babies, cb'2013

Discussion in 'Sold' started by GBtortoises, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. GBtortoises

    GBtortoises Well-Known Member 10 Year Member!

    Feb 27, 2009
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    The Catskill Mountains of New York State
    I have two baby Northern Ibera babies, Testudo ibera, that were born in January 2013. They are well started and healthy. They come from large, dark parents that come from the northern most extent of the species range. This race of Ibera is very cold hardy and will live well anywhere in the U.S. The parents large, 10-11" and these babies will be as well. I am asking $115 each plus shipping.
    I accept Paypal and money orders as payment. Please email me with your zip code for a shipping cost.
    Contact me via email or pm me here on TFO with any questions that you may have.

    Thank you,
    Gary B

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