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People should have to show their setup before being allowed to buy a tortoise

Tony the Tort42

Active Member
Jan 7, 2020
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Southern California
i totally agree with this. why would someone buy a pet without knowing about them! people buy pets presumably because they like animals, but if they really cared they would take an hour of research and give the animal a good home!


New Member
Jan 23, 2020
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Las Vegas, NV
I didn't buy my tortoise as I rescued a hatchling off a sidewalk. There were 2 hatchlings there on the sidewalk and one was already dead. So I'm starting to wonder if I'm in over my head.

The hatchling has started off with a home in a shoebox next to a window. I'm quickly learning about all the stuff that is needed and how expensive it can get. I too have been helped and fed misinformation from the pet stores. I've thought abut giving the tortoise away or dumping him in the wild but fear he won't make it in either case and/or be subjected to a worse life.


Jan 8, 2020
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Well I can at least say since i have been on here I’m spreading the word to everyone I know that has or is buying a tort of any species to get in on here and get all the advice they need from people that know what they are doing and yes I work in a pet store so I see a lot of impulse buys but I also have talked a lot of people out of impulse buys specially parrots . I actually had a guy tell me ‘“you don’t want to make a sale do you “ I told him I was just being honest . Not good for my job if boss finds out 😬 but hey that’s one less poor soul being bought, enjoyed little if any for a short amount of time then sold or brought back before the horror starts all over again . As long as I am able I will do what I can to help as many as I can and now that I’m on here I can at least give the proper information and point them in this direction and pray they head the advice!