Problems with my Russian tortoise

Jess H

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Aug 11, 2023
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Suffolk UK
Hi, An easy way to keep the water bowl upright, is to use the type sold for spaniel dogs with flared sides, they will not tip when he stands on the edge, which is likely to be the cause of tipping, not deliberate, but just trying to get a drink. I agree about the probability that your tortoise's diet is currently deficient, but disagree about house wandering being dangerous, certainly for my tortoise. My Leopard tortoise has the run of the house in winter or cooler days (for many years now), and takes as much exercise as he wants, and is very careful about what he eats, and doesn't eat anything unsuitable or anything small lying about. He chooses for himself when in the well fenced garden, selecting various weeds including baby nettles, while ignoring older stinging ones. When in the house, he sticks firmly to what's in his dish. I feel that most animals are fairly sensible about choosing the right things to eat, providing it's actually available to them. In my experience, it's only when insufficient variety or food is available that they will try to compensate? I also agree all tortoises need somewhere safe and secluded to sleep, and as much space as you can give them while awake.

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