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Feb 6, 2019
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Hello I'm sorry to bring this back up I know it got a lot of posts already...
I read toms post about pyramiding and also everything else there is about pyramiding on this forum.

I got a few questions and I hope u guys don't mind

1 year ago I adopted a sulcata
She's 2 years old I think that the breeder I got her from didn't do a good job about humidity...
I think she is slightly pyramiding
I have her in a closed chamber with over 90% humidity she has a water bowl that she uses everyday drinking and laying in it I also spray her carapace with water twice a day.

Two questions
1. Will the slight pyramiding go away or at least will get smoother?
2. If I would start soaking daily would I get better results than without?

Thx for ur time[emoji1]


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Oct 14, 2017
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Palm Bay Fl
Keep up the fight. I am in the same perdicament. But I was the previous owner.
Just took me awhile to find TFO.