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Jul 4, 2013
I'm Kerri from North Carolina. :) I'll be picking up my double decker tortoise table on Wednesday.. I have one resident for it, my Ibera Greek, Mookie-Boo. But, it needs another resident...! & I would like to adopt a special needs tortoise or turtle. :) the tortie would have to be a smaller one, such as a Greek or Hermanns. & for turtle, it would have to be a box or wood turtle. I don't have room for anymore aquariums, or room for a huge tort, sadly. :(
If you have some special shelled one that you need to rehome, please consider me. :) age, or issues don't matter (as long as they're not sick.. I can't hAve something spread thru my clan! But past injuries, or deformities are fine!), I am willing to pay a small adoption fee, & overnight UPS shipping, if we are not close enough to meet.
I have kept reptiles for over 10yrs, & have a huge heart for special needs animals. I have a handful of special babies, & am willing to do whatever I need to, to help the animal get thru life. I am disabled & stay home about 20hrs of the day, & don't have children, so it would be no children to torment & rough handle a special turtle or tortie. I have a YouTube channel I could direct you to, if you want to see my clan, & see what all I've rescued & helped along... :)
Well, if you have something special you think I may love, please send me a message! I'll get back to you very shortly. :)
Well, rake care & thanks for reading!


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