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Receipt of live animal guaranteed

Buyer must acknowledge receipt of the animal immediately upon receipt

Please feel free to add comments

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Live arrival is only guaranteed if you collect from the closest ship center. Open the box there in the ship center, if there is any issue send high quality in focus images that depict your concern. I cell phone camera can make high quality photos.

This works for both airline and FedEx and UPS services. Airlines do not do a door to door, so no worries there, but with UPS, and FedEx this shortens the 'time in a box' by several hours as well as less handling and the delivery truck ride.

No disrespect for you all who live so far away that overnight is not guaranteed delivery until 4:30 pm the next day, but the tortoise could be picked up in many cases by 9:00 am from the ship center. That's alot more hours in a box in the back of a truck. It's only once for you or the tortoise. If you select that the tortoise is going for all those extra hours, no live arrival guarantee, I already have a clue of your potential care.

Live arrival guarantee is all about how the animal was packed, it rarely if ever is about the long term history of the animal that dies in transport. I have packed animals poorly resulting in their death, some 20 plus years ago. Now I pack such that all is good for at least a three or four days. I have received tortoises in really bad packing efforts, many die very soon after, if not in the shipping box.

Packing is the difference for DOA.

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