Tortoise Feast!

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Sep 29, 2018
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With four tortoises from different parts of the world and varying nutritional requirements, I've been trying to do one chopping block of food-prep each day, then portioning off what the individuals need. For today I made them:
  • mixed greens and herbs, chopped a bit to make for easier portioning and less mess when they drag their food around
  • pumpkin
  • a mix of strawberries/raspberries/blueberries
  • papaya
  • reptilinks
  • green beans
  • mushrooms
I don't give them a salad everyday... I'm working from home today so I had a bit more time... I usually make a one or two item meal for them, and rotate through various foods all week (with a day or two of Mazuri or RepCal pellets in there somewhere).


Darwin is the biggest and eats the most. I give him some of everything... he's partial to pumpkin

Nelson is still a bit underweight (for my tastes) and so I'm trying to bribe him into eating with a bit more fruit than he'll end up with in a few months, but he's crazy about mushrooms and the reptilinks.

Aretha parked herself in the food dish for a while, but shuffled off and into one of her pools before I got around to taking her picture today... she likes the pumpkin and reptilinks most.

Chili is partial to aloe and hibiscus, but I give him lots of green and weeds, and occasionally a small bit of veggie or fruit or protein mixed in there... he came to me as a rescue with a hugley overgrown beak, which he's trimmed down himself in the last few months through eating off of stone or pottery, without my interference (or dremel).

I think they're doing pretty well, and to the extent that they are it's due to the knowledgeable and helpful people here on TFO.