Tortoise shell peel/crack

Bert and Earnie

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Apr 10, 2020
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Hi everyone,
I have newly bought two baby Spurthigh tortoises, summer 2019 babies, only less than 1 year old. I recently noticed that one of them, right in the middle of his belly shell seem to be cracking/peeling a bit. Not sure if I should be worried and would like to see if anyone knows what could have caused it. He/she seem to be eating fine and active. Could someone see if this is a shell rot? Could it be one of them is bullying the other one, although I haven’t noticed any biting and they seem to be getting on fine. Many thanks to whoever can help a worrying tortoise owner!
I’m a complete beginner so need help to see if I’m doing something wrong. I have been using Irish moss peat as their bedding as this is recommended to me and use Exo Terra 50W for the pen (usually on for 8-12h) per day, I feed them cabbages, dandelion leaves occasionally and some apple. They are soaked for 5-10min every day or every other day. I sometimes take them out to the garden for a bit (20-30min) and watch them so no other animals could harm them.

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