Tortoise Shop in Hong Kong


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Aug 3, 2014
About a month ago, my mom and I bought two 1-year-old leopard tortoises from a reptile shop in Hong Kong Taizé, in the Goldfish Street/Market (there are 3 of the shop). I named them Blastoise and Torterra. Soon, I realized that Blastoise had a cold. We went to the shop . The first thing the man said was, "Is it eating?" and sold us "medicine" named Clean Infect, which the vet later assumed was black magic. There was no ingredient list on it, and it merely said that it cured any disease in reptiles. One day, Blastoise and Torterra were acting strange. They would not respond much to movement, eat, or poop. A few days later, Torterra died. We went to the shop again, and the man sold us Reptoboost and told us to soak Blastoise with it 2 times a day. When we just bought them, he actually told us to soak them once every 2-3 days (wrong). Blastoise got a little better, but he still wouldn't eat or poop. We took him to the vet. It turned out that he had a kidney problem even before we bought him, and that Torterra probably had one, too. The man knew that they were sick, because he asked whether they were eating or not first thing when we asked about Blastoise's cold. Also, the living conditions for a tortoise inside the shop were horrible. Don't buy any pets from a shop in Taizé of Hong Kong. If you do want to get a tortoise in Hong Kong, try to adopt one.