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tortoise won't open its eyes

Discussion in 'Tortoise FAQs - New and need help?' started by Yvonne G, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Yvonne G

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    Relaxkuma asks:

    Recently my baby leopard tortoise has not opened his eyes for a week,
    He always sleep all days, even pick him up his eyes still always close.
    And I've never seen him eating for a week too.
    I'm very worried, someone here please tell me how to recover him.

    And Yvonne G answered:

    Hi Ekkapat:

    Your baby leopard tortoise is very ill.

    Put him into a small bowl with warm water that comes up to the middle of his sides and let him soak there for about 15 or 20 minutes. His eyes should open after that.

    When a baby tortoise stops eating, their eyes stick shut and they stay hidden all the time.

    I put my babies into a bowl of warm water every morning when I turn on their lights. Then I get them out after about 15 minutes and put them in front of their food. I get out of sight, but I watch them to be sure all of them are eating.

    Until you can get the baby eating again, it would be very helpful to soak him in baby food water. Buy several jars of Gerber strained carrots. Using a bowl or small tub that the baby can't climb out of, but small enough that you don't have to use too much water, put about a half jar of baby food then enough warm water so it comes up to the middle of the baby's sides. (Where the top shell meets the bottom shell is called the bridge.) Leave the baby soaking in this water mixture for at least a half hour. You can position a light over him to keep him warm, but be sure to not cook him. Or you can place the bowl back into the habitat next to the light. And check on him frequently to be sure he doesn't get tipped over. You should start to notice that his eyes are opening on their own after doing the soaks for about 3 days.
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