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  1. Boo628
    @TriciaStringer Hi, no they are not the same species. The smaller one is a desert tortoise and the bigger one is a sulcata. I just made that ramp that day to see what they'll do. It was fun to...
  2. TriciaStringer
    This was funny to watch. I was cheering for them. I have so many questions though. Are they the same species? Is the ramp there for them to use?
  3. Lyn W
    Did you find the owner?
  4. Mizcreant
    @Taylor T. Agreed. Went a bit overboard this morning. lol
  5. Taylor T.
    That's a really nice enclosure! The only thing I would suggest is that you put a little less calcium powder on his food. A tiny pinch two or three times a week is plenty.:)

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