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  1. Robertchrisroph
    @Kevn Horton a cuttlebone is for calcium for the tort. It's wonderful if they eat by themselves but if not your scrap it on there food very important for there bones. Can get sick if they don't...
  2. Robertchrisroph
    @Kevn Horton mazuri is tortoise food. Comes in one pound to twenty five pound bags. Sold in our agricultural store. They use in zoos.
  3. Kevn Horton
    what is a cuddle bone for
  4. Kevn Horton
    I can feed my Sulcuta corn???
  5. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise
    I saw my baby poo today !!! I never thought I would be so excited about tortoise poop or any type of poop!!! Lolol I took toms advice He gave me and my torto pooted!!! I'm going to go out and...

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