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    Golden Greek care in Arizona

    Would love to see any outdoor and indoor enclosures from GG keepers in AZ or anyone that lives in a similarly dry desert environment. Care suggestions are also always welcome!
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    Edible Landscaping Arizona

    Does anyone know if Hamelia patens is toxic?
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    Edible Landscaping Arizona

    Hi all, just looking for some advice on Edible Landscaping for my leopard tortoises that can survive the full sun of Phoenix other than hibiscus and opuntia cactus. Can anyone recommend climbing vines or other flowering shrubs that would not harm my tortoises if they took to eating the leaves or...
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    Arizona Breeders?

    Is there a database for local breeders anywhere? Looking for South African Pardalis pardalis CBB in Arizona.
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    Subspecies and climate question

    Phoenix definitely does not have cold temps, the average lows are in the mid-40's even in the coldest winter months.
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    Outdoor living

    What would be required to create an enclosure that sulcatas can live in year-round in Phoenix Arizona? Does it get cold enough here in winter to need an electrically heated house? Other than manually, how do you keep fresh water available throughout the day, especially in the summer months?
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    Outdoor Enclosure question

    What would be required to create a proper enclosure that houses leopard tortoises outdoors in Phoenix, Arizona year round?
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    Subspecies and climate question

    I live in Phoenix Arizona, is there a Greek subspecies that could do well here in an outdoor enclosure year-round? If so, what would be required to have a proper enclosure?
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    Happy Birthday to Frank in Mesa, AZ!

    Thank you for all!
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    Does anyone know if this plant/flower is safe to have in my Leopard tortoise enclosure? Are the flowers and leaves edible?
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    Pest Control question

    Where can I pick some up? Is there only one type or grade of DE?
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    Pest Control question

    Where can I pick these up?
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    Pest Control question

    What ways are there to kill ants outdoors that won't harm tortoises and won't seep into the ground making grasses, etc. inedible?
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    Tortoises for animal therapy?

    I was thinking of older tortoises that would be too big to be carried. I know that the kids could gain a lot just from learning how to care for them.
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    Tortoises for animal therapy?

    Does anyone know of any animal therapy programs that utilize tortoises as therapy animals? I work at a residential home for kids with mental health issues and we contract with a foundation that brings in therapy animals (of the warm and furry variety) to work with our kids and they really...